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Full text of "Cavaliers and pioneers, a calendar of Virginia land grants, 1623-1800"

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Vol. I. 

No. 6 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 



1623 - 1800 



Press of The Dietz Printing Co., Richmond. Va. 


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Cavaliers and Pioneers 



Vol. I. 

No. 6. 


By Sir William Berkeley, Knight, Governor, &c. 

VAUGHAN, 1,200 acs. upon South- 
ward side of Potomack River, on the 
Eastermost side of Cedar Island Creek. 
24 Feb. 1643. Page 1. Trans, of: Tho- 
mas Denham, Eliz. Taylor, Eliz. , 

Wm. Sorwell, Eliza, his wife, Fra. Har- 
rison, John Readwood, Wm. Barring- 
ton, Isaac Jones, Eliz. Wotter, Robt. 

, John Povey, Edw. Samuell, Tho. 

Anderson, Ann Franklind, Ann Frank- 

laine, Henry , Jone Reeves, Tho. 

Proper, James Sams, Mary Griffin, 

James City Co., 24 Mar. 1644, Page 1. 
Upon the Southerly side of James River, 
about 2 mi. from the river, N. E. upon 
land of Henry Short. Due by virtue of 
former patent. 

WILLIAM MILLS, 450 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Feb. 10, 1643, Page 2. Up- 
on the maine head of the lower bay 
creek. Sd. land surveyed & proved due 
by Nathaniell White, dec'd., for trans, 
of 9 persons, & due sd. Mills by inter- 
marrying with the relict of sd. White. 
Pers. trans, by White: Richard Davis, 
Edwd. Walker, Eliza. Nitingale, Danll. 
Jenkins, Samll. Burnett, & 4 pers. more 
from the County Court of the Isle of 
Wight due but noe name expressed. 

JOHN NEWMAN, 150 acs., James 
City Co., 1st Apr. 1644, Page 2. Near 
the head of Smiths Fort Cr., W. upon 
Xpher. Lawson, E. upon John Buckmas- 
ter. Said land first granted unto Stephen 
Thompson, Dec. 16, 1637, by him as- 
signed unto John Saind, by him assigned 
unto John Rawlins, by him unto Rich- 
ard Harris, by him unto John Esgrame, 
by him unto said Newman. 

STEPHEN TAYLOR, 200 acs. Hamp- 
ton Parish, at the head of the Norther- 
most br. of St. Andrews Cr., 10 Apr. 

1644, Page 3. Trans, of himself, wife 
Margarett, Edwd. Rendrick (Kendrick 
?), Wm. Praise. 

Staines) 62 acs. called the Chesnutt 
Neck, adj. Garrett Stephens, parallel to 
land of Xpofer. Bare. Trans, of 2 per- 
sons: John Parkes, Benja. Tenner. As- 
signed to him by Ann Moore, wife and 
attorney of Joseph Moore. 

James City Co., Jan. 10, 1643, Page 4. 
On Swd. side of James River, at the 
upper Chipoake, E. upon his former 
devident. Importation of: Amey Cle- 
ments, Richard Boore, Ezekiel Clement, 
Richd. . 

JOHN HILL, 200 acs. Upper Nor- 
folke, Apr. 1, 1644, Page 4. Upon 
Ewd. side of N. W. br. of Nansimond 
River, adj. William Eyres. Due by as- 
signment from Apha. Lawson for trans, 
of 4 pers.: his own per. adv., Mr. Wm. 
Hill twice, Robt. Tows. 

JOHN HILL, 400 acs. Up. Norfolke, 
Apr. 2, 1644, Page 5. On W. br. of 
Nansimond Riv., about the head of sd. 
br., near John Stalls. Due by assign- 
ment from Epha. Lawson & for trans, of 
8 pers.: Edwar dAllen, Ralph Thamnes, 
George Turner, Jno. Brook's, Francis 
Vaughan, Edward Vaughan, William 
Rolles, Robt. Yenny. 

WILLIAM BROOKE, 250 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Feb. 24, 1643, Page 6. Ewd. 
side of the Swd. or mayne br. of Nansi- 
mond Riv. being the Indian Town. 
Trans, of: his wife, 2 children, James 
Cicks, Ann Davis. 

acs. Up. Norf. Co., Feb. 20, 1643, Page 
7. On the N. W. side of Bently Cr., 
distant to Otterhole Br., running E. by 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

S. to a gutt on Mount Lawsons Bay, S. 
W. through Poplar Neck Cr. Due as 
follows: 200 acs. by patent unto John 
Lewin, July 20, 1639, assigned by Tho. 
Lewin, brother & heir to sd. John; 200 
acs. by patent to Tristrium Noseworthy, 
June 5, 1639, by him assigned to sd. 
Fantleroye, & 1,000 acs. for trans, of: 
George Fantleroy, Richard Lee, Bayly, 
Richard Ellit, Richard Mercer, Joane 
Ball, John Lloyd, Evan Burgen, Wm. 
Freeland, Ann Perry, Martin, Negro, 
Francis Marsh, Lewis Marsh, John 
Marsh, John King, Richard Andrew, 
Joan Stanny, Javis Bell, Edward Gee, 
Moore Fantleroy, his 2nd. trans. 

called Royes rest, Up. Norf. Co., Feb. 
20, 1643. Page 8. Upon New Town 
"have been," commonly called Chuck- 
tuck, beginning at the mouth of a cr. or 
br. called Tentford, adj. Epha. Lawson. 
200 acs. due by appraisement from Ma- 
reen Delamde of a patent of Oct. 16, 
1638, & 50 acs. for trans, of Moore 

900 acs. James City Co., Feb. 25, 1643, 
Page 8. Beginning at Journing poynt 
Cr., near Francis Fowler, Mathew Ed- 
lowe. Due by the will of Mrs. Antonia 
Fowler, the late relict of Mr. Francis 
Fowler, being due sd. Fowler by patent 
dated Aug. 14, 1639; also due sd. 
Brown by order of court dated Nov. 21, 

of the word of God, 100 acs. Eliza. 
City Co., June 21, 1644, Page 9. In or 
neare Buckerowe, adj. land lately in 
possession of George Chowinge, now 
Capt. Wm. Claiborne's, towards land 
late in tenure of Doctor Casvert (Cal- 
vert ?) now in possession of Anthony 
Elliot Leighe (changed to Leithe) near 
Point Comfort Cr. Due for trans, of: 
Henry Herrick & Ann Herick, his wife, 
by certificate fro mthe Court of Eliz. 
City, Sept. 23, 1642 & transferred to sd. 
Wilkinson under the hand of sd. Herick 
Sept. 12, 1643. 

By Richard Kemp, Esq. 
JOHN WATSON, 1 acre, James City, 
23rd August, 1644, Page 10. Near the 

Brewere poynt, near land of Mr. Tho- 
mas Steeg & Isaac Wattson. Due by 
virtue of an Act of Assembly. 

JOHN WHITE, 1 acre, James City, 
Aug. 28, 1644, Page 10. Bounded W. 
upon the Church Yard, East upon land 
appertaining to the State House, North 
towards Thomas Hampton & South up- 
on James River. Due by virtue of Act 
of Assembly Mar. 2, 1642. Required to 
build within 6 months after the date 

RICHARD SANDERS, 1 acre, James 
Citty, Aug. 28, 1644, Page 11. Neare 
the Blockhouse bounded W. upon the 
river, E. upon the marsh, N. upon the 
blockhouse land & S. upon Edward 
Challes. Same as above. 

RICHARD BROOKS, 1 acr. in James 
Citty, Aug. 28, 1644, Page 11. Bounded 
N. upon the Doctors Swamp, S. upon 
the Gallowes Swamp toward the back 
river & W. towards James River. Same 
as above. 

James Citty, Aug. 18, 1644, Page 11. 
S. upon Geo. Gilbert, E. towards Mr. 
Hampton. As above. 

EDWARD CHALLIS, 1 acr. James 
Citty, Aug. 28, 1644, Page 12. W. up- 
on the river, E. upon the marsh, N. up- 
on the blockhouse land & S. towards 
land of Radolph Spraggon. As above. 

ROBERT LAWRENCE, 200 acs. Isle 
of Wight Co., Sept. 12, 1644. Page 12. 
Upon Eastermost side of Lownes Cr., 
adj. Mr. Hardings land, along land of 
Widdow Bennett. Due by patent dated 
Aug. 25, 1642 for trans, of 4 pers. 
(Names not given). Sept. 12, 1644. 

TOBY SMYTH, 150 acs. Up. Norf. 
Co., Sept. 25, 1644. Page 13. Upon 
the W. side of Nansimond Riv., 35 acs. 
called Raming Island, the res tbeing 
marsh & adj. the island opposite land 
of Francis Maldin, bounded Ewd. with 
Dumpling Island Cr., which parts land 
of William Parker. Due for trans, of 
3 persons, 2 of whom are mentioned: 
Joane Corraway & Thomas Wilkins. 

TOBY SMITH, 650 acs. called Hum- 
berton, Warwick Co., Sept. 10, 1644, 
Page 13. Upon the head of the back 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


river called Smiths foard being behind 
& adj. to the westward devident of Tho- 
mas Faulkner, adj. Thomas Boulding. 
Due sd. Smith by patent dated Feb. 15, 
1640 for his per. adv. & trans, of 12 

yeares or there abouts sworne saith that 
about February last was twelve months 
to Mr. Smiths p(ro) cured Thomas Brise 
a Surveyor of land to come to Nansi- 
mond quarter for to survey a parcell of 
land there neare adjoyning called the 
name of Round Pond which land the 
said Smith then claimed to be rightly 
belonging to him, and this depont. be- 
ing in company with the said Smith and 
Brice and assisting the said Brice to 
survey the land, one Thomas Stephens 
came unto them about such time as the 
one fourth part of the land was sur- 
veyed, and p(ro)hibited the survey 
thereof any further alleidging that the 
land was the his whereupon the said 
Smith and the Surveyor answered and 
said that if the said Stephens had any 
better title or grant then Mr. Smith had 
then the land should be his and fur- 
ther the said Smith requested Thomas 
Stephens that if he had any grant there- 
of hee wishing him to show it p(ro)- 
mising that if it could be made thereby 
to appeare that he had any right to the 
land the said Smith would desist and 
meddle not farther therewith, but the 
said Stephens did not shew him any at 
all, only he alleidged that he had and 
order of Court for Land but did not 
shew it neither though he was requested 
thereto by the said Smith and by the 
said Surveyor and more saith not. 30 
May, 1642. Page 14. 

JOHN SYDNEY, 200 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., Sept. 16, 1644, Page 15. 
Upon Nwd. side of E. br. of Eliz. River. 
Trans, of: John Curraway, John Clarke, 
Ann Robinson, Eliza. Flowerday. 

Northampton Co., Sept. 17, 1644, Page 
16. Daughter & sole heir of Mr. 
Charles Harmer. Beg. at the S. side of 
the old Plantation Cr., bounded on the 
W. by the mayne bay, S. by Magetty 
Bay pond, & E. by Mr. Nathanll. Little- 

ton. 1,050 acs. due by patent dated 
June 4, 1635 unto her father, & 150 
acs. for trans, of: Tho. Cole, John 
Stonner, Tho. Symmons. 

(Clerk), 500 acs. Northampton Co., 
Oct. 8, 1644, Page 17. At Hungers Cr., 
E. upon land of Richard Smith. Trans, 
of: Wm. Burrell, Elizabeth his wife, 
Fra. Harison, Richard Fixmus, Ja. Land- 
wood, John Powell, Eliza. Potter, Ed- 
ward Daniell, Mr. Burrell have assigned 
his write to Edwyn Conaway this 8th of 
October 1644. Thomas Knight, Mary 
Knight, Richard Lathberry. (This patent 
renrewed July 22, 1645 in the name of 
John Severne. 

EDWARD MAJOR, 450 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Oct. 4, 1644, Page 17. Att 
Nansimond River, S. W. upon Majors 
Cr., adj. land claimed by Olliver Sprye. 
Due by patent (but misbounded) dated 
18th of May, 1637, for trans, of 9 pers. 

RICHARD LEE, 91 acs. Yorke Co., 
Dec. 2, 1644, Page 18. Upon the ridge 
of the new Poquoson towards Yorke, 
sideing by the verry corner tree of Capt. 
Wormleys. Trans, of 2 pers. 

BAKER, 500 acs. James City Co., Mar. 
6, 1644, Page 18. Formerly granted to 
Thomas Stamp May 12, 1640. Due for 
trans, of: Richard Colles, Dilly Young, 
Jo. Humpries, Jno. Marshall, John Car- 
ter, Marry Middleton, Richard Shepperd, 
Hester Jones, Mary Yates, John Huck- 

Up. Norf. Co., Dec. 6, 1645, Page 19. 
In the mayne river behind Rugged Is- 
land Cr., down by a great marsh on 
Mount Lawsons Bay, along the New 
Town haven river Bay, crossing Canna- 
da Island Cr. Said land commonly 
known by the name of the Raggard Is- 
lands. 100 acs. hereof formerly granted 
to John Smith, Aug. 20, 1633 & pur- 
chased of sd. Smith, 50 acs. by patent to 
Nosworthy dated May 10, 1638 & the 
residue for the trans, of 9 pers. (Names 
not given). 

Sir John Harvey to THOMAS SY- 
MONS, 450 acs. Charles River Co., 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Nov. 25, 1637, Page 20. Butting upon 
footeball quarter Cr., adj. his own plan- 
tation, land of William Freeman & An- 
drew Huntington. Trans, of 9 pers. 

Assignment of the above unto THO- 
MAS KIRBYE, Dec. 28, 1642, Page 21. 
Witnesses: Peter Ransome & Edward 

THOMAS DAVIS, 300 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Aug. 10, 1644, Page 21. Up- 
on a br. of Newtown haven river called 
Beverley Cr., adj. Thomas Jordens, 
deed., & Thomas Poole. 100 acs. by 
patent dated Nov. 27, 1637 & the resi- 
due for trans, of: Attwell Bestwicke, 
Richd. GofFe, Michael James & Jno. 

. Marginal note: This patent 

was fake in the old records and entered 
true in the 56th page of the said Booke. 

BROWN, 400 acs. Lower Norf. Co., 
Aug. 20, 1644, Page 22. Upon Nwd. 
side of the E. br. of Eliz. Riv., adj. 
Richard Woster. 300 acs. due by as- 
signment of a patent dated May 22, 
1637 from Thomas Sawyer, & the resi- 
due for trans, of 2 pers., whose names 
are not given. 

WILLIAM COCK, 100 acs. Eliz. 
Citty Co., June 5, 1645, Page 23. Said 
land late in the tenure of John Roberts, 
deed., abutting Westerly on the land 
late of Lieut. Albiano Lupo now in the 
occupation of John Chandler, E. upon a 
cr. parting same from land late of Tho- 
mas Spilman now in occupation of 
Daniell Tanner. Trans, of: John Saysill 
& Richard Diggs (or Riggs). 

JOHN SHEPARD, 179 acs. York 
Co., June 5, 1645, Page 23. Betwixt 
land now in possession of Tho. Hudson 
on the E. & on W. bounded with land 
of Henry Bullard. Due sd. Sheppard for 
trans, of: Richd. Haines. George Haynes, 
Hugh Aden, Charles Hill. 

JOHN BAKER, 175 acs. Eliz. Citty 
Co., June 5, 1645, Page 24. Adj. land 
formerly granted to Walter Hely, ex- 
tending towards Southampton Riv., be- 
ing 50 acs. formerly granted to Nicholas 
Brown & by him assigned to sd. Baker. 

As alsoe 100 acs. formerly granted un- 
to Christopher Windmill & by him as- 
signed unto William Lethermore & by 
him assigned unto sd. Baker, bounding 
W. upon Hampton Riv., & land in the 
possession of John Plaice; 50 acs. the 
residue bounding W. upon Hampton 
Riv., S. upon Nicholas Brown. Due for 
trans, of: Tho. Lethermore & Elinor his 
wife, Robert Dutch, Wm. Dickinson, 
Tho. Hatcher. 

By Sir William Berkeley 

JOHN RODE, 1,000 acs. Warwick 
Co., July 27, 1645, Page 25. At the 
head of the deep Creeke, adj. Christo- 
pher Boyce. Due by purchase of sur- 
vey and rights from William Edwards, 
who first bought the same of sd. Boyce, 
& due Boice for trans, of: Jeffery Med- 
calfe, Thomas Symson, Katherin Lewis, 
Robert Stiderick, Ro. Fentrice, John 
Fells, Chr. Rythe, Jno. Elwood, Tho. 
Adkinson, Willm. Hewe, Wm. Ollaver, 
Jno. Atkin, Anne Powell, Matt. Adkin- 
son, Jno. Moor, Margery Underwood, 
Chr. Boyce, Jno. Chrisippe, Jno. Ty- 
pladye, Willm. Evand. 

MICHAEL MASTERT, 413 acs. Hen- 
rico County, in Bermodo Hundred, July 
24, 1645. Page 26. 390 acs. bounded 
E. S. E. upon James Riv., S. W. upon 
Pates Sw. & Court Sw., S. upon Lieut. 
Craddock, N. upon Thomas Sheppye, 
Mr. Baugh, James Usher & Robert Elam, 
S. by W. & E. by S. upon Capt. Wood- 
liffe, & S. by W., E. by S. & N. by E. 
upon Mr. Samuell Jordin. 12 acs. in 
Bermodo Hundred neck, formerly known 
as Capt. Martin land, N. W. upon James 
River, N. E. upon Samll. Jordin, S. W. 
upon Edward Gurgunye. Due sd Mas- 
ters for trans, of: Henry Lownee, James 
King, Tho. Page (?) George Wells, 
Thomas Wallis, Jane Price, John Man- 
chest, James Morrice, Peter Maydley. 

JOHN BAUGH, 100 acs. Henrico 
Co., July 24, 1645, Page 27. Lyeing in 
Bermodo Hundred, bounded E. N. E. 
by land formerly belonging to John 
Arundell, S. E. upon the Bay of Appo- 
matock, W. S. W. upon Powell Cr. & 
N. W. upon Connecocke path. 4 acs. 
bounded N. N. E. upon James River, 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


S. E. upon land of James Usher, S. S. 
W. upon Michaell Maysters & W. N. 
W. upon William Sharp. The other 16 
acs. lying in Bermodo Hundred Neck, 
upon land of Joseph Royall & Michaell 
Maysters. Due for trans, of: George 
Woolfe, Elizabeth Cowell. 

MARKE JOHNSON, 198 acs. in 
Eliz. Citty Co., July 31, 1645, Page 27. 
Beginning at i br. dividing this from 
land of Thomas Watts, to the broad 
cr. Due by assignment of the right of 
4 pers. trans, by Robert Newman: 
Nicholas Rogers, Nicho. Hayle, Tho. 
Brooke, John Baker. 

beg. at a sw. or small cr. issuing out of 
Poynt Comfort Cr., dividing this & land 
of Nicho. Roe, sd. land commonly called 
Buck Roe. Due by purchase of a patent 
of Richard Kemp (being the Atty. of 
John Colvert) Sept. 2, 1643, due sd. 
Calvert by order of court dated June 18, 
1642, as brother & heir of George Cal- 
vert, Phisition (Physician), dec'd. for 
his per. adv. & trans, of 5 pers. 
(Names not given). 

WILLIAM JONES, 450 acs. North- 
ampton Co., July 22, 1645, Page 29. 
At Hungars Cr., bounded on the N. by 
Richard Smith, S. by Capt. William 
Stone, & on W. N. W. by a br. of sd. 
cr. Due by assignment of right for 
trans, of 9 pers. from Comely. Floyd: 
Thomas Turner, Richard Chapman, Pas- 
coe Chapman, Matt. Holt, Fickler 
Windeth, Henry Gutt, Weston Brow, 
Tho. Evans, Step. Collowes. 

JOHN GODFREY, 300 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., July 22, 1645, Page 29. On 
the S. side of the Ewd. br. of Elizabeth 
River, adj. land of Richard White, 
Henry Nicholas. Due as followeth: 
250 acs. granted to John Yates, June 6, 
1637, & by him sold to John Moores & 
purchased by sd. Godfrey of Nicholas 
Scuefeild, Atty. of sd. Moores, & 50 acs. 
for trans .of: Farrarhoe. 

YATES of Eliz. Citty, the sd. 250 acs. 
Consideration: 4,000 Lbs. Tobacco, Nov. 
4, 1645. Page 30. Witness: Thomas 

JOHN SEVERNE, 500 acs. North- 
ampton Co., July 22, 1645, Page 30. 
At Hungars Cr., adj. Richard Smith. 
Formerly granted to Edwin Connaway 
Oct. 8, 1644 & assigned by him. 

ampton, Clarke, unto Mrs. Bridgett 
Charleton for the use of her child John 
Severne, to be seated and possessioned 
to be delivered unto him the sd. John 
Severne when he shall come to the age 
of 18 yeares. Oct. 26, 1649, Page 31. 
Witnesses: Reynald Hawis & John Ellis. 

• JOHN NUTHALL, 300 acs. North- 
ampton Co., July 27, 1645, Page 31. 
At the head of Hungars Cr., adj. land 
formerly belonging to John Hallawaye, 
For trans, of: John Nuthall, twice, 
Eliza, his wife, John Towson, Andrew 
Ditch John Evere. 

JAMES JACKSON, 100 acs. North- 
ampton Co., July 27, 1645, Page 32. 
Bounded on the W. by the mayne bay, 
N. by Matthew Lett, S. by the Gleab 
land & E. by the woods. Trans, of: 
James Jackson & Thomas Gilbert. 

Co., Sept. 10, 1645, Page 32. 2 devi- 
dents, the former containing 1,120 acs. 
& the latter 1,330 acs. Both near the 
head of Seawards Cr. Adj. his own, 
Capt. Upton & Thomas Luther. Due as 
follows: 1,050 acs. & 850 acs. by two 
former patents, & 550 acs. for trans, of: 
Sarah Fisher, Cor. Corhoon, Wm. Banis- 
ter, Richd. Smith, Rati. (Rachel ?) 
Powell, John Parker, Mingo a Negro, 
France a Negro. 

ZACHARY CRIPPS, 1,050 acs. War- 
wick Co., Sept. 10, 1645, Page 33. 
Beg. near the new dwelling house of 
John Williams, unto the Mill land & 
Thomas Taylors. 200 acs. by patent 
dated Oct. 25, 1637, & 850 acs. for 
Trans, of: Tohn Smith, Robert Rede, 
Danll. Stubbs, Tho. Morgin, Xtopr. 
Taylor. Judeth Session, Hester Smith, 
John Richards, Eliza. Bridges, Andrew 
Westerin, Jovce Vessel 1, Wm. Morgan, 
Anthony a Negro, Robert a Negro, Jo. 
Solloman Negro, Domingo a Negro, 
Scourgoa a Negro. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

THOMAS DAVIS, 475 acs. War- 
wick Co., Sept. 10, 1645, Page 34. Up- 
on Waters Cr., S. W. upon James River, 
Richard Domellaws, & William Whitby. 
50 acs. granted unto Percivall Elletson, 
Mar. 6, 1620, & by authority granted by 
him unto Edward Waters & sould unto 
William Worleich & by him unto sd. 
Davis. 100 acs. granted sd. Waters 
Aug. 20, 1624, by him sould to Wor- 
leich & by him to sd. Davis. 150 acs. 
granted sd. Worleich May 7, 1637 sold 
unto sd. Davis, all of which remayned 
upon record under his patent. 175 acs. 
the residue due for trans, of: Thomas 
Davis, Richard Parker, Walt. Belcher, 
Thomas Trevannion. 

JOHN HACKER, 150 acs. Chas. 
Citty Co., Sept. 27, 1645, Page 35. On 
W. side of Chipoake neere Martin 
Brandon, near land of William Pilkin- 
ton, George Bercher. Due by patent 
dated July 25, 1638 for his per. adv. 
& trans, of 2 pers. 

THOMAS WATTS, 132 acs. Eliz. 
Citty Co., Aug. 2, 1645, Page 35. Beg. 
at a br. of the broad cr. dividing this 
from land of Mr. Johnson. 50 acs. by 
patent dated May 5, 1636, & 82 acs. 
for trans, of 2 pers. 

ROBERT ROCKWELL, 250 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Sept. 14, 1645, Page 36. 
Upon N. side of Nansimond Riv., beg. 
at Majors Cr. Due by patent dated Nov. 
16, 1638 for per. adv. of his brother 
Rockwell & trans, of 4 pers. 

DAVID MANSELL, 72 acs. York 
Co., in Kiskcake Parish, Sept. 8, 1645, 
Page 37. Adj. Christopher Abbott & 
his own land. Trans, of 2 pers. 

WILLIAM SMITH, 700 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Sept. 29, 1645, Page 38. 
Lying near Pagan Poynt, adj. Anthony 
Jones, Tristrum Norsworthy, Nicholas 
Smith & Capt. John Upton, S. W. upon 
Hutchinsons Cr. Also 225 acs. of 
marsh land. 500 acs. due for trans, of 
10 pers. by his late father, William 
Smith, & 425 acs. by assignment of 
rights for trans, of 9 pers. unto him by 
Anthony Jones, 25 acs. still due upon 
one name in the certificate. Names not 

JOHN WILLIAMS, 250 acs. War- 
wick Co., Sept. 29, 1645, Page 38. 
Bounded on W. by land of Mr. Tolbott, 
S. by George Cookes, N. by Christopher 
Boyce. 100 acs. due by assignment of 
rights from John Phillips & 150 acs. for 
trans, of 3 pers. 

500 acs. Chas. Citty Co., Sept. 30, 1645, 
Page 39. Lyeing opposite to Swann Bay 
in Upper Chipoakes Cr., S. W. upon 
George Sherbutt, N. E. upon land 
formerly in the houlding of Samuell Ed- 
munds. 200 acs. part of a patent 
granted unto Thomas Plumer & Samuell 
Edmunds, Sept. 7, 1638, & by Plumer 
assigned to Jeremiah Dickeson Oct. 14, 
1639 & b ysd. Dickinson conveyed to 
Capt. Flower by deed dated Mar. 1, 
1640, & 300 acs. for trans, of 6 pers. 

one of his Majesty's Councill of State, 
886 acs. James City Co., Apr. 7, 1643, 
Page 40. Neere Pockeys Neck, E. & 
N. upon the Secretary's land, E. N. E. 
& N. N. E. & N. N. E. upon land of 
Mr. Secretary Kemp, N. W. upon Mr. 
George Mallam, S. W. upon the Gleab 
land Cr., S. upon the Gleab land & 
S. E. upon a br. of Archers Hope Cr. 
250 acs. due by intermarriage with the 
relict & Executrix of Richard Durant, 
Dec'd., & 350 acs. by purchase of a 
patent to Alexander Stoner, & 286 acs. 
for trans, of 6 pers. 14 acs. still due 
upon the last person nominated. 

FLOWERS, Marrinor, assignment of 200 
acs. Mar. 5, 1640. Page 40. Witnesses: 
Benjamin Harrison, Bartha. Knipe, Tho- 
mas Convirs. This act and deed ack- 
nowledged in court holden before Capt. 
Humphrey Higginson & the rest of his 
Majesties Commissioners 12th Apr. 

JOHN INGRAME, 150 acs. Eliz. 
Citty Co., Sept. 24, 1645, Page 42. 
Butting upon Poynt Comfort Cr., beg. 
at the Indian Spring, to a br. of Harris 
Cr. dividing this & land now in posses- 
sion of Humphrev Tabb. 100 acs. by 
assignment from Ellinor Phillips, & 50 
acs. for trans, of 1 per. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


JOHN ROBINS, 2,000 acs. in Mock- 
jack bay, at mouth of Sedgey Cr., Sept. 
24, 1645, Page 43. Due by former 
patent & assignment from Capt. Wil- 
liam Brocus. 

EDWARD MAJOR, 300 acs. War- 
wick Co., Sept. 24, 1645, Page 43. W. 
upon land of John Salford, now in occu- 
pation of Thomas Falkener, adj. Tho- 
mas Godby. Due for trans, of 6 pers. 
Sd. land formerly granted to Pharoah 
Flinton, Giles Allington & William 
Bentley, (individually) & by them de- 

acs. on the Southerly side of Warwick 
River, Sept. 24, 1645, Page 44. Abut- 
ting E. upon Lt. Gilbert Peppett, to- 
wards the church there arrected & built, 
& bet. Colstones Is. & Cedar Is. Due 
for trans, of 6 pers. Formerly granted 
to Robert Poole but being deserted is 
now granted unted sd. Bernard accord- 
ing to the custom of the country. 

MR. PETER WALKER, 150 acs. 
Northampton Co., Page 44. (Not 
dated). S. E. upon old plantation Cr., 
along the back of the mayne bay. Trans. 
of 3 pers. 140 acs. formerly granted 
unto John Blore, dec'd. & by him de- 

RADULPH HUNT, 300 acs. War- 
wick Co., Nov. 28, 1645, Page 45. Beg. 
at the Myles End of a place called the 
Common Garden house, S. E. towards 
land of Mr. Wetheasbye & N. upon land 
commonly called Thomas Watts his 
Plantation. Trans, of 6 pers. 

RALPH BARLOWE, Merchant, 150 
acs. Eliz. Citty Co., Mar. 18, 1645, Page 
45. E. upon Richard Bolton, W. upon 
great swamp parting same from land of 
John Powell. Due by purchase from 
the lawfull Atty. of Capt. William 
Tucker to whom it was granted Sept. 
20, 1624. 

THOMAS HILL, 600 acs. James Citty 
Co., Oct. 10, 1645, Page 45. Lyeing at 
the Rich Neck, part of same adj. Francis 
Peale & the Palisadoes. Due by pur- 
chase from Richard Kemp, being part of 

a 1,200 acr. patent purchased by Kemp 
of George Menefie. 

WILLIAM DAYNES, 400 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., Apr. 26, 1646, Page 46. Up- 
on Ewd. side the mouth of Bullock Cr., 
running near the main river. Due for 
trans, of: William Deynes, Phillis his 
wife, Richard Clerke, Joane Russell, 
Michael Webb, Abdala Moore, Hamurt 
Amore, John Branch. 

WILLIAM STOREY, 200 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Nov. 20, 1645, Page 47. Up- 
on Ewd. side of the N. W. br. of 
Nansimond Riv. about 4 mi. up the br., 
bet. Thomas Emarson & Francis Maul- 
den. Trans, of: Tho. Bayley, Wm. Story, 
John Scull, Harbor Kogan. 

RICHARD CLARKE, l]/ 2 acs. in 
James Island, near the frigget, June 5, 
1646. Page 47. The y?. acr. formerly 
granted to William Chapman & pur- 
chased by Clarke. 

Norf. Co., Sept. 27, 1645, Page 48. 
Lyeing at the head of Chuckatucke, adj. 
Humphrey Scowen, & Peter Rey. 
Formerly granted to Bartlett & Henry 
Bradley by order of Court at James Citty 
dated Oct. 5, 1643, with this proviser: 
that it be not to the prejudice of any 
former grant and that they build a mill 
upon same. Bradley surrendered his 
moiety to sd. Bartlett, to whom it is due 
for his per. adv. & trans, of 3 pers. 

Lease of 70 acs. for 21 yrs. & con- 
firmation of former patent for 1.090 acs. 
unto Sir William Berkeley, Govr., in 
right of trans, of 22 pers. Sd. 1,090 
acs. adj. Robert Wetherell & William 
Edwards, E. upon Powehetan, S. S. E. 
upon land belonging to the place of 
Governour, W. towards Capt. Freeman, 
W. S. W. upon Chickahominie path. 
Corrected survey made by James Cockett 
& John Senier. Grant signed by: John 
West. Richard Kemp, Samll. Matthews, 
W. Brocas, Tho. Pettid, Henry Brown, 
Hum. Higginson, Richard Townstend, 
Members of Councill. The names of the 
persons upon which the within men- 
tioned land containing 1,090 acs., is due 
was procured in court the 6th day of 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

June, 1646, & are all hereunder written, 
there remayning due unto sd. Berkeley 
13 pers. to take up land & 10 acs. of the 
last name to make good this right: 
Richard Polden, Thomas Bristow, John 
Williams, Robert Winscill, Robert 
Haines, Thomas Yealke, William Jack- 
son, Robert Jones, Roger Lynard, John 
Gullis, Bryan Burton, Edmd. Higbie, 
John Ashbifoote, Tho. Ethell, Richard 
Westbery, Eliza. Asselbie, Thomas Bas- 
sett, Tho. Griffith, Wm. Lamb, Jane 
Stockdell, Robert Buxton, Geo. Hughes, 
Wm. Fowke, Tho. Mason, Leo. Patrick, 
Stephen Johnson, John Allinsworth (At- 
tingsworth ?) Nicho. Dawbee, Alice 
Vynall, Mary Pearson, John Cole, Rich- 
ard Purdie, John Dasvie, Tho. Mallard, 
Richard Swann,, 35 psons. 

EDWARD BLAND, of London, Mer- 
chant, 2,000 acs. Lawnes Creeke, July 7, 
1646, Page 50. S. upon land of Alice 
Delke, widdow, N. upon William Spen- 
cer, E. upon sd. cr., & W. towards Chi- 
poake Cr. Due by purchase from Capt. 
William Peirce & assignment of a patent 
dated June 22, 1635. 

WILLIAM DAVIS, 500 acs. James 
Citty Co., June 2, 1646, Page 51. Lye- 
ing betwixt the horse path & the head 
of Archers Hope Cr., S. S. W. upon an 
older devident purchased of Capt. Pott, 
N. N. W. upon George Lake & George 
Wyatt. Due by surrender of former 
patent, rights being taken out of the 
same to make good this patent. 

GEORGE LUDLOWE, 1927 acs., 
Yorke Co., July 26, 1646, Page 51. Beg. 
at Wormeleys Cr. on the S. side of 
Charles Riv., adj. Mill land belonging 
to Warwick River, Hugh Allen. Several 
tracts aggregating 475 acs. lately in the 
possession of: Henry Brook, Richard 
Kinsey, Richard Smith, Thomas Jolly, 
deed., & Jo. Matteram. 600 acs. part 
formerly granted unto Martin Boke, 
Apr. 24, 1637 & due Ludlowe by order 
of court; 750 acs. more called Yorke 
Plantation by purchase from George 

STER & JANE WEBSTER, 500 acs., 
commonly known by the name of Ar- 

chers Hope, in James Citty Co., July 
20, 1646, Page 53. Bounding N. upon 
Archers Hope, S. upon maine river, W. 
upon Gleab Land Cr. & E. towards Far- 
lows Necke. 300 acs. part formerly 
granted unto William Spence & John 
Fowler, Jan. 20, 1619, & assigned by 
Thomas & Sarah Brice unto Roger Web- 
ster, father of sd. Lucy, Judith & Jane, 
& 200 acs. residue for trans, by Roger 
Webster of: Elizabeth Clarke, Stephen 
, Edward Spatch, Susan Webster. 

LUCIE WEBSTER, 200 acs. Yorke 
Co., Apr. 20, 1646, Page 53. Daughter 
& heire of Roger Webster, dee'd. With- 
in the Parish of Hampton, beg. at 500 
acs. formerly taken up by Mr. David 
Mansell for the use of the said Lucie 
Webster, adj. Christopher Abbott. Sd. 
250 acs. formerly granted her Nov. 19, 
1642, due for trans, of 5 pers. by her 

GEORGE WIATT, 250 acs. James 
City Co., Oct. 4, 1645, Page 54. At 
the Middle Plantation, N .E. along the 
Palisadoes & land of George Lake, S. 
by W. towards head of Archers Hope 
Cr. Due sd. Wyatt as followeth: 100 
acs. purchased by Thomas Lucas & 
Tho. Gregorie of Capt. Popeley Feb. 1, 
1641, by them sold to Thomas Heath, 
by him assigned to sd. Wyatt & George 
Lake, & 400 acs. purchased by sd. Wiatt 
& Lake of Capt. Popley Apr. 12, 1642, 
then equally divided between them, and 
the sd. 250 also due for trans, of 5 pers. 

James City Co., Oct. 5, 1645, Page 55. 
Lyeing upon the head of Archers Hope 
Cr., adj. George Wyatt & land formerlv 
belonging to Capt. Francis Potts. 100 
acs. purchased from Capt. Richard Pop- 
ley July 13, 1642 & residue for trans, 
of 1 per. 

NICHOLAS WATTKINS, 100 acs. up- 
on the Middle Plantation. Considera- 
tion: 875 Lbs. Tobacco. Page 55. Wit- 
ness: Thomas Heath. 

GEORGE LAKE, 250 ncs. York Co., 
Oct. 4. 1645, Page 56. At the Middle 
Plantation, along the Pallisadoes, adj. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


land formerly belonging to Capt. Rich- 
ard Popeley, W. towards Archers Hope 
Cr. (Same as Wiatt, above). 

James City Co., Aug. 6, 1646, Page 57. 
At the head of the Sunken Marsh near 
the Up. Chipoake, adj. Henry White. 
Trans, of 13 pers. 


THO. LUCAS, Planters, of Va., one 
plantation called by the name of the 
Middle House. Feb. 1, 1641. Page 58. 
Witness: John Shepard. 

LUCAS assignment to THOMAS 
HEATH of the above bill of sale. Aug. 
19, 1642. Page 59. 

THOMAS HEATH assignment unto 
Jan. 29, 1643. Witness: Richard Pope- 
ley. Page 59. 

of Va., Coopers, 400 acs. Yorke Co., 
Apr. 12, 1642, Page 59. Witnesses: 
Thomas Heath & John Earle. 

PHILLIP BENNETT, 200 acs. Nansi- 
mond Co., Nov. 5, 1648, Page 60. On 
head branches of Robert Bennets Cr., 
adj. Antho. Weeles. Due by virtue of 
the rights of a grant made unto Robert 
Bennet, Feb. 18, 1638, & by sd. Phillip 
Bennet, Administrator, resigned into the 

THOMAS DAVIES, 600 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Apr. 9, 1648, Page 60. On 
black water branch. Due sd. Davis as 
part of a former patent & 500 for trans, 
of: Thomas Shipcot, Edmund Walter, 
Andrew Dickinson, Walter Dale, Gil- 
bert Fabian, Thomas Davis, John Edg- 
comb. Francis Howard, David Jerman, 
William May. 

JOHN LANDMAN, 300 acs. Nansi- 
mond Co., Apr. 9, 1648, Page 61. On 
E. side of the N. W. br. of Nansimond 
Riv. Trans, of: Dorothy Cole, Edward 

Spencer, Richard Jones, Jno. Walton, 
Matt. Wallice, Tho. Brewer. 

JOHN LANDMAN, 250 acs. Nansi- 
mond Co., Apr. 9, 1648, Page 61. Adj. 
James Arthur & peter Ells. Trans, of: 
Edward Williams, Tho. Richard, Pat- 
ience Marken, John Read. 

THOMAS HINSON, 209 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Aug. 29, 1646, Page 62. 
Upon W. side of Beverley Cr. of New- 
town haven river, adj. Capt. John Up- 
ton. Due for trans, of 5 pers. 

RICHARD LEE, Gent., "1,250 acs. 
of land being about six or seven miles 
up the narrows in Charles river alias 
York or Pomunkey river being a neck 
of land bounded between two branches 
or creek where the foot Company met 
with the Boats when they went pom- 
munkey March under the Command of 
Capt. William Claiborne," which the S. 
side of sd. river, extending itself to- 
wards Warranye Town. Due by assign- 
ment from William Freeman of his right 
for trans, of 25 pers. Aug. 20, 1646, 
Page 62. 

RICHARD PRESTON, 500 acs. Up. 
Norf., Dec. 18, 1646, Page 63. Being 
upon the miles end of land of Thomas 
Jordan & Richard Young, on Newtown 
haven River. 250 acs. by 2 former 
patents, & 250 by Caveat entered May 
31, 1641. 

RICHARD GRIGSON, 400 acs. Eliz. 
Citty Co., Apr. 10, 1646, Page 64. Beg. 
at a path leading from Nutmegg quarter 
to the poquoson, adj. Toby Smith & 
William Hampton. 

his Majesties Councill of State, 886 acs., 
James City Co., Apr. 11, 1643, Page 65. 
Lyeing near Jockey Neck, bounded E. 
& N. upon Secretary's land, E. N. E. & 
N. N. E. upon Mr. Secretary Kemp, 
N. N. W. upon Geo. Mallen, S. W. up- 
on Gleab land Cr., S. upon the Gleab 
land & S. E. upon a br. of Archers Hope 
Co. 250 acs. by intermarriage with the 
relict & Exix. of Richard Durrant, & 
350 acs. by purchase of patent from 
Alexander Stoner, & 286 acs. for trans, 
of 6 pers., 14 acs. remaining due. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

LANCASTER LEVILT, 300 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Oct. 1, 1646, Page 66. Beg. 
at an island to the Westward of John 
Martin's house where Bennets Cr. 
divides itself into 3 branches in Low. 
Norf. Co. The following names are 
mentioned under this patent: Thomas 
Thompson, George Smith, James Foster, 
Thomas Lorymore, James AJlen, John 

Nansimond Co., Mar. 10, 1645, Page 
66. Upon the second creek on the E. 
side of Nansimond Riv., adj. James 
Knott on the W., & by the head of Mr. 
George White. Part of a patent granted 
unto John Wilkins, by him sold unto 
Michael Willcoxe, dec'd., who bequeath- 
edsame unto Ellinor, relict of sd. Wil- 
cox, and since conveyed by the sd. Elli- 
nor unto Stoughton, with whom he hath 
since intermarried. 

JOHN BROWN, 200 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., Oct. 26, 1646, Page 67. Lye- 
ing at Nutsawattocke Cr., N. W. upon 
Levinge Denwood. For trans, of: John 
Brown, Ursula his wife, Robert Salis- 
bury, Symon Smith. 

of the Exors. of Dame Elizabeth Dale, 
Relict & sole Exix. of Sir Thomas Dale, 
1,000 acs. ,Northampton Co., Nov. 26, 
1645. Page 68. Bounded E. on the Sea- 
board side on the land of the Old Plan- 
tation Cr. & S. by Edward Dowglass. 
Due as surviving & sole Exix. of Dame 
Elizabeth Dale & due Sir Thomas Dale 
by bill of adventure. 

The Right Worshipfull SIR THO- 
MAS DALE, Knt., Marshall of Va. (be- 
ing the first man of his Rank & Degree 
that hath undertaken that charge & 
place) hath not only adventured his per- 
son in that service in time of greatest 
difficulty but alsoe being at a great 
charge both in futhering the action & 
furnishing himselfe, the Councill of Va. 
at there meeting on the 18th of this 
Instant (upon special trust 8c confidence 
that as he hath begun soe he will pro- 
ceed & continue in advancing soe Xpian 
& noble an action have with uniforme 
consent thought fit that verry Exterodi- 

nary consideration be now had of him 
and such as in futer times shall be no 
means be drawn unto president upon 
any occasion whatsoever they therefore 
agree that his person should be rated 
at the Summe of Seven hundred pounds 
and that he the said Sr Thomas Dale 
his heires Exors. & Admrs. or assignes 
shall have ratably according to the said 
Summe his & their full part of all such 
Lands Tenements and hereditaments as 
shall from time to time be their re- 
covered planted and inhabited and of 
such mines & mineralls of gould and 
silver and other mettalls or treasur 
pearles precious stones or any kind of 
wares or merchandize, commodities or 
profits whatsoever wch. shall be obtained 
or gotten in the said Voyage in as am- 
ple manner as any other Adventurer 
therein shall peaceably receive for the 
like summe. Written this 25th of Feb- 
ruary Anno Domini 1610. Signed Ed- 
ward Mayer. 

Note: This copia agreeth with the 
originall under the Seale of the Vir- 
ginia Company Examined this 12th day 
of October 1643, by us under written. 
Signed Solo. Sebright Francis Mosse No. 
pub. Page 68. 

Northampton Co., June 4, 1646, Page 
69. At Naswattock Cr., bounded on S. 
W. by a cr. separating same from James 
Bruse. Trans, of 12 pers. 

JOHN ROSYER, 200 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., July 10, 1646, Page 69. 
Bounded on N. by part of an ancient 
grant made to Capt. Epps, on W. by the 
main bay, & on S. by land formerly be- 
longing to Matthew Petts. 100 acs. 
hereof formerly granted unto William 
Andrews, Mar. 14, 1628, by him sold 
to Ellias Taylor July 6, 1640, & pur- 
chased by said Rosyer of Ann Taylor 
relict & Admx. of Ellias; 50 acs. pur- 
chased by sd. Taylor of Capt. William 
Stone, the lawfull Atty. of Capt. Wil- 
liam Epps, & 50 acs. for trans, of 1 

THOMAS DAVIS, 300 acs. Nansi- 
mond Co., Aug. 10, 1646, Page 70. On 
Beverlev Cr. a br. of Newtown haven 
Riv., adj. Thomas Jordan, dec'd. & Tho- 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


mas Poole. 100 acs. by former patent 
& 200 acs. for trans, of 4 pers. 

THOMAS DAVIS, 200 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Nov. 12, 1646, Page 71. 
About 2 mi. up a cr. formerly called 
Warrasquiack. Due by purchase of a 
patent from Benjamin Harrison & ack. 
in court for James City Co. June 8, 

JOHN GARRETT, 400 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., July 25, 1646, Page 71. Up- 
on Indian Cr. issuing fro, W. br. of 
Nansimum Riv., adj. William Hatfeild. 
Formerly granted unto him for trans, of 
8 pers. 

WILLIAM JACOB, 232 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Feb. 10, 1645, Page 72. Up- 
on S. side of Newtown haven river, adj. 
John Garret & Henry Bradley. Trans, 
of 5 pers.: Robert Thrickmorton, Rich- 
ard Flint, Robert Caps, Ann Bridges, 
Henry Welchurch. 

ELIZA. AMBROSE, Widdow, 100 
acs. Eliz. City Co., Aug. 6, 1646, Page 
73. On the main river side, adj. George 
Keth, Ralph Hunt & Bartholomew 
Wethersby. Trans, of 2 pers. 

PETER MOUNTAGUE, 150 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Dec. 18, 1645. Page 73. 
Upon Edw. side of the main head of 
New Town haven river, at miles end 
of land of Humphrey Scowen. Trans, 
of 3 pers. 

GEORGE LUDLOWE, 1,452 acs. 
York Co., Mar. 14, 1646, Page 74. 
Beg. at the mouth of a cr. on the S. 
side of Charles River called Wormeleys 
Cr., adj. the mill land belonging to 
Warrick Riv. & Hugh Allen's land. 
600 acs. part thereof formerly granted 
unto Martin Vaker, 700 acs. called 
Yorke Plantation by purchase from 
George Menefie & 102 acs. for trans, 
of 2 pers., & 750 acs. for trans, of 15 
pers.: Phillip Bowden, John Nerve, 
Henry Davis, John Bemberry, Nicho. 
lego, Bassett Sax, Richard Oxon, Tho- 
mas Bacock, Mary Fitch, Jno. Fleet, Jno. 
Mission (?), Sarah Spittlewood, Rich- 
ard Collins, Tho. Lewis, John Gerford, 
William Berton, Robert Caldwell. 

1,400 acs. Henrico Co., Mar. 14, 1646, 
Page 75. S. upon Christopher Branch, 
E. on the river, W. into the woods & 
N. with falling creek. Due by purchase 
of patent from Howard Horsey, to 
whom it was granted for trans, of 28 

JOHN BROWN, 100 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., Oct. 1, 1646, Page 75. At 
Naswattocke Cr., adj. a former devi- 
dent & land of Lenning Denwood & 
Garrett Andrews. Trans, of 2 pers. 

Northampton Co., Oct. 1, 1646, Page 

75. At Naswattock Cr., adj. James 
Bruse & land formerly belonging to 
Henry Wede or Neede. Trans, of: 
Lewis White, Thomas Willson, Francis 
Stafford, Mary Pedenden, Sarah Wil- 

THOMAS JOHNSON, 1,000 acs. 
Northampton Co., Apr. 9, 1647, Page 

76. At Occohannock Cr., beg. at the 
western part of Mattasip Neck. Due by 
assignment of William Waters for trans, 
of: Edward Waters, Anthony Bruster, 
Pershiphall Bateman, Wm. Arnold, 
Jacob Ingleton, Wm. Rider, Henry 
Barke, Samuell Nicholls, Wm. Cowley, 
Edward Brvan, Wm. Warren, John 
Miles, Jno. Dyer, Catherine Middleton, 
Robert Todd, Richard Dickson, Chris- 
tian Dickson, Robert Hobson, Wm. 
Loftis, Wm. Wywell. 

KING, Isle of Wight Co., 20th Nov. 
1645, Page 76. Near head of a br. of 
New town haven river., adj. Mr. Se- 
ward & Capt. John Upton. Trans, of: 
John Archer, Richard Markes. 

JAMES BRUSE, 500 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., 21 Mar. 1645, Page 77. At 
Nasawattockes Cr., adj. Christopher 
Johnson. Trans, of 10 pers.: James 
Bruse, Wm. Wells, Katherin Parsons, 
Marke Bromfeild, Richard Buckland, 
Thomas Church, Jane Williams, David 
Wheatley, Henry King, Richard Mich- 

ROGER TOHNS, 250 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., Nov. 28, 1645, Page 77. At 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Naswattock Cr., adj. John Towlson. 
Trans, of: Roger Johns, Richard Johns, 
Jacob Johns, John Adams, Mich. Curret. 

RICHARD JACOB, 300 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Oct. 28, 1645, Page 77. 
At Naswattock Cr., adj. Marke Hamon 
& James Perin. Trans, of: Hun. Cor- 
bin, Sam. Ward, Sam. Gilbert, Sith 
Swayne, Tho. Cracker, Nazar. Attocke. 

WALTER ASTON, 1,040 acs. 
Charles City Co., Aug. 12, 1646, Page 
78. 200 acs. near Sherley Hundred, S. 
upon a cr. formerly called Wattkins Cr., 
E. upon Hugh Coxe, dec'd. & W. upon 
land where sd. Aston now lives. 500 
acs. upon Wattwins Cr., W. upon Sher- 
lye Hundred & E. upon land formerly 
belonging to Natha. Causesey, but now 
in possession of sd. Aston; 250 acs. on 
the great river, E. on Causeys plantation, 
S. upon Capt. Epps' land in the island 
& N. on land of Robert Partin. 200 
acs. by patent dated Dec. 10, 1620 unto 
Natha. Cassey & due Aston by purchase 
from John Cassey by bill of sale Feb. 
7, 1634, 590 acs. by patent for the per. 
adv. of himself & his wife Warbowe & 
trans, of 10 pers. 250 acs. the residue 
for trans, of 5 pers. 

JOHN CAWSEY, Planter, of Chas. City 
in Va., unto Walter Auston, Gent, of 
Causes Cleare, Gent., by estimation 200 
acs. neare Sherley hundred, S. upon 
Henry Watkins Cr., N. upon the main 
land, E. upon the Company land & W. 
upon land of Robert Brown. Considera- 
tion: 1,000 wt. of Tobacco & 1 cowe 
already to him delivered. Feb. 7, 1634, 
Page 78. Signed: John Cawsey. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Milton, Daniell LLuel- 

THOMAS SEAWELL, 300 acs. lying 
in the old poquoson, near the head of 
a back river, adj. William Hampton, 
William Armestead, the land of Purine 
now in the possession of sd. Seawell. 
Trans, of: Tho. Rankins, Susan Holt, 
Wm. Palmer, Sam. Davis, Tho. Poole, 
Ailce Wilson. Sept. 30, 1646, Page 80. 

COL. HENRY BISSHOP, 1,200 acs. 
James City Co., Oct. 20, 1646, Page 81. 
On the S. side of James River common- 

ly called by the name of Lower Chi- 
poak. Adj. William Carter & William 
Nusum. Due sd. Bishop as followeth: 
600 acs. part of a patent granted to 
Capt. William Powell, which land des- 
cended to George Powell, son & heir to 
sd. Capt. Powell, since deceased & after- 
wards for want of an heir was escheated, 
then grant to Sir William Berkeley, by 
whom it was assigned with the rights 
thereunto belonging unto Col. Bishop, 
& 600 acs. for trans, of 12 pers.: Col. 
Henry Bishop, Willm. Martin, William 
Mason, Margaret Thompson, Nicholas 
Chilman, Robert Arey, Wm. Wheatley, 
Grace Aldersey, Tho. Spincke, Tho. 
Ludwell, Jno. Soaper, Tho. Price. 

Capt. Wm. Claiborne, his Majesty's 
Treasurer of this Colony of Va., 700 
acs. in the Corporation of Eliz. City, 
Oct. 26, 1647, Page 82. On the E. side 
of land commonly called the Strawberry 
Land, partly on the land of Buck Roe, 
adj. William Wilkinson, Clarke, Point 
Comfort Cr., & land in the possession 
of heirs of Thomas Oldis, & the Gleab 

THOMAS BABE, 300 acs. Up. Norf. 
Co., Oct. 6, 1646, Page 82. On S. side 
of Indian Cr., a br. of the Wwd. br. of 
Nansimum Riv. Trans, of: Lawrence 
Peeters, William Poyter, Giles Webb, 
Ann Barnes, Richard Bernes, Tobias 

THOMAS BABE, 150 acs. Up. Norf. 
Co., Oct. 6, 1646, Page 82. Adj. Tho- 
mas Hampton & his own land. Trans, 
of: Henry Marriott, John Davys, Nicho- 
las Dixson. 

JOHN ASHCOMB, 829 acs. Up. 
Norf. Co., Oct. 7, 1646, Page 83. Beg. 
at miles end of Michael Wilcox, adj. 
George White, E. to a place called New- 
gate, to Laughleys Cr. belonging to the 
Wwd. br. of Elizabeth River 250 by 
virtue of the rights of a patent granted 
sd. Ashcomb Mar. 6, 1638, which patent 
is surrendered, & 600 for trans, of: John 
Ashcomb, Winifrid Ashcomb, John 
Ashcomb, Junr., Wm. Lasher, Richard 
Galloway, James Goodcross, Madelew 
Powell, Henry Jones, Edward Wood, 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Martha Lylls, Elizabeth Coram, John 
Moore, Winifrid Jones, Tho. Salsberry, 
Gilbert Lake, Edward Prince, Mary 

THOMAS WRIGHT, 460 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., Apr. 26, 1647, Page 84. Up- 
on the Northward side of the W. br. of 
Eliz. Riv., beg. on an island, near mouth 
of Wrights Cr., to the Swd. side of 
Cowards Cr. & adj. John Ridford. Part 
due by former patent & assignment of 
310 acs. from Cornelius Loyd of 6 pers. 
imported: Robert Smythwood, Thomas 
Lustcomb, Thomas Aston, John Leigh, 
Robert Sorrell, John Sorrell. 

Isle of Wight Co., June 17, 1647, Page 
84. Near the head of Seawards Cr., 
Adj. Mr. Cooper & Capt. Barnard. 
Trans, of: Char. Barcroft, Arth. Buck- 
ley, Alice Prichard, John Hardy, Elias 
Colewell, Eliz. Waters, Edmond Green, 
Geo. Minners, Owen Middleton, Jno. 
Godwin, Jon. Bilbey, Bridget Calcup, 
Cha. Barcroft, Jno. Lewis, Martin Craf- 
ford, Wm. Leur (Lour), John Bighill, 
Wm. Downing, Fran. Anderson, Doro- 
thy Darling, Edm. Graves, Garrett 
Wynn, Arth. Floyd, Charles Barcroft. 

Nansimum Co., June 17, 1647. Upon 
head br. of N. W. br. of Nansimum 
Riv. called Indian Cr., adj. William 
Story & John Garwood. Trans, of: 
Morgan Williams, Richard Parker, 
Robert Price, Thomas Norris, Israeli 
Harris, Hen. Bertholemewe. 

THOMAS PARKER, 300 acs. of 
Wight Co., Nov. 15, 1647, Page 85. 
On a br. of Edwards Cr. known as 
Ashen Swamp, adj. Richard Jackson. 
Due by assignment of patent from Tho- 
mas Morrey (Murrey). 

PEETER KNIGHT, 255 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., called Basses Choice, May 
10, 1643, Page 86. Near Pagan Bay & 
Dawsons Cr., & land of Mr. Peter Hall. 
Trans, of: Peter Knight, Thomas Harris, 
James Foster, Edward Wells, William 
Nicholas, Thomas Cobb. 

ROBERT VAUSE, 400 acs. Yorke 
Co., Sept. 17, 1647, Page 86. Upon 

Queens Cr., bounding along Hartwells 
Cr. & Maiden Swamp Cr. Part of grant 
of 650 acs. to John Hartwell, assigned 
to Vause & Tobias Freere, & by Nicho- 
las Jernew, Atty. of sd. Freer, wholly 
assigned to sd. Vause. 

GEORGE WHITE, Clerke, 900 acs. 
Nansimond Co., & part in Low. Norf., 
April 22, 1648, Page 87. Beg. at a 
place called Newgate, adj. John Ashton, 
Thomas Brown, William Read & Capt. 
Thomas Barbage. Trans, of: George 
White, Margaret his wife, Wm. Boni- 
day, Mich. Ware, William Waters, John 
Williams, John Hobson, Wm. Wright, 
Walter Harson, Mary Barkeley, Grego. 
Allen, William Lennon, Henry Morgan, 
Thomas Gastrey, Aba. Johnson, Xtopr. 
Norton, John Newman, Peter Raven. 

WARD, 500 acs. Isle of Wight Co., 
Apr. 19, 1648, Page 87. On the end 
of the br. of the Pagan Bay Cr. called 
the Freechat, beg. at Turkey Hill. Trans, 
of: Thomas Reere, Thomas Everard, 
Danll. Goulson, Robert Taylor, Rich. 
Andrewes, Thomas Franchiss, John 
King, Elizabeth his wife, Fortune the 
servt., John King the 2nd time. 

Low. Co. of New Norf., Mar. 22, 1645, 
Page 88. 150 acs. in Linn haven at a 
cr. to the W. of John Holmes' house, 
adj. John Collinns, & 50 acs. being 3 
smaller hammocks of land joined to- 
gether upon Hogg Island in Little Cr. 
Due by former patent & trans, of 4 pers. 

Charles River Co., June 20, 1646, Page 
88. Beg. at the Mill Sw., near Richard 
Major & John Davis. Trans, of: Tho- 
mas Cooper, Jno. Fletcher, Richard Page, 
Wm. Smith, Seath Patrick, Fra. Hofe, 
Susan Hall, Tho. Mors, Jno. Walker, 
Tno. Wright, Thomas Sanders, Ann 
Wilch, Tho. Hinshaw, Richard Whitley. 

EDWARD MA TOR, 450 acs. with 
50 acs. of marsh, Nansimum Co., Feb. 
10, 1645, Pa^e 89. On the N. side of 
Nansimum Riv., adj. Oliver Spry. 450 
acs. by a former patent & 50 acs. for 
trans, of 1 per. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

NICHOLAS BROOKE, the Younger, 
Merchant, 500 acs. commonly called the 
Middle Plantation, Yorke Co., Aug. 13, 
1646, Page 90. Lying S. W. upon the 
Palisadoes, & land formerly belonging 
to Thomas Lucas, N. W. upon the great 
swamp. Formerly granted Capt. Rich- 
ard Popeley for his first seating by him 
sold to Henry Brooke & since conveyed 
to sd. Nicholas. 

BROOKE, assignment of the above. 
Consideration: 7,000 Lbs. Tobacco with 
cask. Mar. 3, 1645, Page 90. Wit- 
nesses: Samll. Abbott & Edm. Mathewes. 

BINS, Orphants of Edward Robbins, 
350 acs. in Northampton Co., June 4, 
1646, Page 91. Adj. land of Samuell 
Scott, Mr. Taylor & Mr. John Salvadge. 
Trans, of: Edward Robbins, Thomas 

Joyner, Oliver , Lawrence Stan- 

feild, Nicho. Rainhard, Abra. Boothes, 
Anthony James. 

WELTON, 250 acs. Up. Norf. Co., 
Apr. 23, 1646, Page 91. Adj. land of 
Richard Bennet & Phillip Bennet. Trans, 
of: Wm. Johnson, Danll. Johnson, Rich- 
ard Moore, James Daley, Thomas 

THOMAS TODD, 50 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 5, 1645, Page 92. Up- 
on Swd. side of the En. br. of Eliza. 
River. Due by former patent & also for 
trans, of 1 per. 

JAMES HAWLEY, 300 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Apr. 10, 1647, Page 93. 
Upon the head of the lower bay creeke, 
adj. land of John Rowe. By virtue of 
a former patent. 

Yorke Co., Aug. 6, 1646, Page 93. On 
the S. side of Charles River near the 
Narrowes, N. W. by W. upon Warrany 
Cr. Trans, of: Wm. Cartar, Rich. 
Parker, Jno. Sturrupp, Henry Mason, 
Ben. Haward, Morian Jones, Charles 
Brooke, Edmond Strechey, Henry Mason, 
Charles Engard. 

JOHN BROACH, 300 acs. York Co., 
July 9, 1646, Page 94. Neare the Midle 
Plantation, adj. Nicholas Brooke, S. W. 
upon the Horse path, Nicholas Sabbrell 
& towards Samuell Mathewes. Trans, 
of: Robert Hand, Antho. Shandall, 
Mathew Todd, Ann Richards, Mary Ed- 
wards, John Woldridge. 

DAVID JONES, 650 acs. Charles 
City Co., Nov. 20, 1646, Page 94. Bet. 
2 creeks opposite against Taphanna 
Marsh upon the Northerly side of the 
River, being a neck of land. 300 acs. by 
former patent & 350 acs. due for trans, 
of: Richard Wolfe, Tho. Peacock, Peteer 
Debar, Ja. Thompson, Fra. Rocke, Mar- 
garet Weym'ke (Weymake (?). 

June 4, 1645, Page 95. The Norther- 
most part beg. above Mr. Heymans, N. 
on the up. branches of Turkey Is. Cr., 
S. on the head of Mr. Astons land; the 
Southermost part extending on Mr. As- 
tons land & W. upon Joseph Ryalls bet. 
Docking Cr. & Sherley Hundred; 100 
acs. in Sherley Hundred, adj. Robert 
Bourne & John Harris. 100 acs. pur- 
chased of Robert Partin, the elder, 
granted sd. Partin Feb. 20, 1619, & 
conveyed by Robert Partin the elder & 
Robert Partin the younger, his sonn, 
unto sd. Lluellin by deed dated Apr. 13, 
1642. The residue by former patent for 
trans, of 17 pers. 

JAMES BAGNOLL, 200 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., July 25, 1646, Page 95. Up- 
on the head br. of Clarices Cr. belong- 
ing to the W. Br. of Eliz. Riv., adj. 
George White & Richard Bennet. Due 
by former patent for trans, of 4 pers. 

475 acs. James City Co., Aug. 31, 1646, 
Page 96. 350 acs. within Chickohamo- 
nie Riv., adj. George Vivoyn, & 125 acs. 
upon Checkroes Cr. 350 acs. by pur- 
chase from Thomas Paul & 125 by pur- 
chase from George Bunyon (?). 

EDWARD HALL, Admr. of the es- 
tate of Thomas Cooper, June 10, 1646, 
Page 97. 200 acs. in Low Norf. Co., 
near the head of Chesepeian Riv. Due 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


by assignment of patent of Lancaster 

THOMAS BRICE, 150 acs. Up. Norf. 
Co., June 6, 1646, Page 97. Upon Ewd. 
side of the N. W. br. of Nansimum 
Riv., against Indian Cr., adj. George 
Showning & Francis Maiden. 100 acs. 
due by former patent & 50 acs. for trans, 
of 1 person. 

ROBERT BYRD, 150 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Mai. 4, 1646, Page 98. Up- 
on a br. of the lower baye called Se- 
wards Cr., beg. at the mouth of Goose 
Hill Cr., adj. E. S. E. upon Hugh Winn 
& W. N. W. upon John Steward (or 
Seward). Formerly granted William 
Yarrett for trans, of 3 pers. Due sd. 
Byrd "under the hands of Hugh Wynn 
& William Yarret, Oct. 20, 1641. 

New Norf. Co., Mar. 5, 1646, Page 99. 
Upon W. br. of Nansimum Riv., adj. 
William Stories land. Formerly granted 
Richard Heynes, by him sold to Thomas 
Hamond, by him sold to John Freebody, 
who conveyed same to sd. Mounford. 
Due Heynes for trans, of f4 pers. 

James Citv Co., Apr. 6, 1647, Page 99- 
Lyeing on Hogg Island maine, bounded 
on the S. of Mr. Thomas Stamp, N. to- 
wards Shippeaks Cr. & on E. with Mr. 
Butler. Due by former patent for trans, 
of 6 pers. 

JOHN GARRET, 32 acs. Up. Norf. 
Co., Mar. 5, 1645, Page 100. Upon the 
S. side of New town haven Riv., adj. 
John Garwood & Henrv Bradley. 
Formerly granted unto William Jacob, 
by him assigned & due sd. Garret for 
trans, of 5 pers. 

James Citv Co., Apr. 10, 1646, Page 
100. Within the limits of Archers 
Hone. E. unon the Ponds dividing this 
land from Martins Hundred. 400 acs. 
former!" granted unto Georee Sandis, bv 
him sold to Edward Grindall who left 
it to his heir in England. Cam. Bro- 
cas & Mr. Thomas Harwood sold same 
unto Jno. Browning, father of sd. Wil- 

liam. 250 acs. formerly granted unto 
John Jefferson in 1619, after granted un- 
to Mr. John Uti by order of court, Oct. 
16, 1628, & by sd. Uti for a valuable 
consideration sold unto sd. John Brown- 
ing Nov. 27, 1629, unto all of which 
sd. William is now heir apparent by 
descent from the sd. John. 

JOHN UTY, of Hogg Is. in Va., 
Gent., my plantation whereupon I am 
now seated, called Utopia, unto JOHN 
BROWNING, of Eliz. City, Gent. Con- 
sideration: 3,000 Lbs. Tobacco & 3,500 

of (blank). Nov. 27, 1629, 

Page 101. Witnesses: Geo. Menefie & 
James Chambers. 

JAMES WARRADINE, 470^ acs., 
July 8, 1647, Page 101. Adj. John 
Chaplin. Formerly granted unto Tho- 
mas Mathewes and made void for want 
of seating within the time limited. Due 
sd. Warradaine for trans, of 10 pers. 
assigned unto him by James Powell: 
Robert Williams, Hugh Stile, Thomas 
Calton, Phillip Prendergast, Richard 
Smith, Tho. Warren, Eliza. Pgll (Pyll?), 
Rach. Williams. 

JOHN SIDNEY, 300 acs. Low. Norf. 
Co., Aug. 18, 1647, Page 102. Upon 
S. side of the Ewd. br. of Eliza. Riv., 
beg. at the mouth of Tomakins Cr. Due 
for trans, of: Thomas Dunton, Thomas 
Wattkins, Daniell Maley, Mary Peirce, 
Sarah King, Margery Brough. 

1647, Page 103. 50 acs. James City Co., 
upon the N. side of Ralphs Cr. 21 yr. 
lease. Fee rent: 2 bbls. sound & smeet 
Indian corne. 

SAMUELL ABBOTT, 400 acs. Nansi- 
mum Co., Oct. 10, 1646, Page 103. Up- 
on the head of Indian Cr., a br. of W. 
br. of Nansimum Riv., adj. William 
Story. Trans, of: Tho. Tohnson, Wm. 
Hewes, Richd. Webb. Tho. Thompson, 
Richard Smith. Tohn Blend, Henry Fos- 
ter, Richard Williams. 

WILLIAM LUCAS, 800 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Aug. 22, 1647, Page 104. 
Formerly granted unto Casar Huggett, 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Dec. 20, 1643, & due sd. Lucas by in- 
termarriage with the relict & Adm'x. of 
sd. Huggett. 

EDWARD HALL, 400 acs. Low. 
New Norf. Co., Sept. 18, 1646, Page 
104. Upon the S. W. side of the mas- 
ter br. of Bennets Cr., about a mile 
above John Gookins Landing place. 
Trans, of: John Clarke, Jno. Under- 
wood, Hum. Hall, Thomas Clay, Robert 
Nigent, Richard Knight, Edward Can- 
non, Ann, his wife. 

THOMAS HAMPTON, parcel of 
land behind the Church, June 12, 1644, 
Page 105. Due by Act of Assembly, 
Feb. 20, 1636, concerning "Undertakers 
to build upon James City Island." 

JOHN WILLIAMS, Warwick Co., 
Aug. 30, 1647. Near the head of Deep 
Cr., adj. James Merryman. Part of a 
patent granted unto John Rodis, who 
assigned same to Merryman, who sold 
to sd Williams. 

TON, 100 acs. Warwick Co., Aug. 30, 
1647, Page 106. At the head of Deep 
Cr., upon Shotball quarter, adj. James 
Merryman. Due by purchase from sd. 

JAMES STONE, Merchant & NICO- 
LAS IERNEW, Planter, 564 acs. Yorke 
Co., Nov. 4, 1647, Page 106. Upon 
Charles Riv. bet. Queens & Savages 
Crks. 500 acs. formerly granted sd. 
Jernew & 164 acs. for trans, of 4 pers. 

Isle of Wi?ht Co., Aug. 13, 1646, Page 
107. Opposite Pagan Point, N. W. up- 
on a swamp dividing same from land of 
John Moone. "100 acs. being granted 
unto Dorothy Woodward the Daughter 
Woodward, by order of Court at James 
City 29th Aug. 1633 & purchased by 
sd. Wilkinson of Richard Death." 136 
acs. for trans, of 5 pers. 

JOHN FLYNE, 50 acs. Yorke Co., 
Aug. 20, 1646, Page 107. Upon Chees- 
mans Cr., adj. land upon which he lives. 
Due for trans, of: John Peagler. 

THOMAS HOLMES, 200 acs. in 
Yorke River, Oct. 7, 1647, Page 108. 
Opposite the mouth of Matapony, above 
land of Martin Westerlin. Due by as- 
signment from Thomas Heath of sur- 
vey & certificate for 4 pers.: Mary Me- 
land, Mary Heath, Nicholas Rogers, 
Tho. Griffeth. 

Yorke Co., July 29, 1647, Page 108. 
Opposite to Pamunkee Landing place, 
S. E. & N. upon land of Martin Wester- 
lincke. Due for trans, of: Wm. Brown, 
Eliza, his wife, Debora Brown, Richard 
Hopkins, Wm. Blackey, Step. Young. 

LEONARD PETTOCK, 500 acs. Ac- 
comack Co., July 7, 1647, Page 108. At 
Naswattock Cr., beg. at westermost part 
of land of John Major. Due for trans, 
of: Chr. Graves, William Wright, John 
Scearle, Roger Wormsley, Eliza. Rich- 
ards, Fra. Harber, Jacob Mathews, 
Henry Frith, Henry Hanshorne. 


acs. Northampton Co., July 13, 1647, 
Page 109. Being a nee kof land at Nas- 
wattocke Cr., bet. Daw's Neck & 
Majors Neck. Due for trans, of: Wil- 
liam Whitington, Susan his wife, Ed- 
ward Drew, Mary Uxer, Richard Jacob, 
William Freeman, Peeter Nowell, Wil- 
liam Barbeard, Thomas Parks. 

Northampton Co., July 13, 1647, Page 

109. At Naswattock Cr. Trans, of: 
Nehemiah Coventon, Edward Southerne, 
Alice Stewardson, Toby Northon, Mar- 
garet Norton, Nicholas Wadlow, Ann 

Northampton Co., Oct. 6, 1646, Page 

110. On the northern part of an an- 
cient grant of 200 acs. of sd. Scarbrough, 
bounded W. by the main bay, E. by land 
formerly belonging to John Neale, now 
Mr. Deacons & Company. Due for 
trans, of: Robert Harrison, Sisley Strat- 

Northampton Co., Sept. 20, 1647, Page 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


110. Near head of Naswattocks Cr., 
adj. Stephen Horsey. Trans, of 7 pers. 

JOHN LITTLE, 100 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., Sept. 20, 1647, Page 110. Near 
Cheristone Cr., adj. land commonly 
called the Companyes Land, the Secre- 
tarys Land, Mr. Obedience Robbins & 
John Wilkins. Trans, of: John Little 
& Eliza. Bacon. 

James City Co., Aug. 20, 1647, Page 

111. In up. Chipoaks Cr., next to land 
of William Rookins. 400 acs. by former 
grant unto Barradine Merter (Merler), 
by whom it was assigned unto sd. Eg- 
berow, & 100 acs. for trans, of: William 
Egberow & Mathew Battle. 

JONATHAN GILLS, 450 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Mar. 6, 1647, Page 112. 
At Haigers Cr., adj. William Gayny. 
Trans, of: Francis &, Phillip Watt- 
kins, Wm. Starling, Timothy Thrallop, 
Alex. Wignall, Thomas Wignall, Wil- 
liam Smart, Roger Burrough, Elizabeth 
a Negro. 

TILLISON, 200 acs. Low. Norf. Co., 
Feb. 24, 1647. Page 112. Upon W. br. 
of Eliz. River, being a neck of land adj. 
Clarks Cr. Due by former patent unto 
John Radfofrd, who assigned same to 
Starnell & Tillison. This land is now 
divided into 2 parcels of 150 acs. each. 

THOMAS BROWN, 240 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Oct. 7, 1646, Page 113. On 
the S. side of Clarks Cr. a br. of Eliz. 
Riv., adj. his own & land of George 
White. Due by assignment of the rights 
of 5 pers. trans, by Cornelius Loyd: 
Edward Dorsey, Richd. Starnell, John 
Stibbs, Tho. Parker, Richard Hunter. 

FRANCIS MARTIN, 300 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Oct. 10, 1645, Page 113. 
At Naswattock Cr., near land of Henry 
Pedendan & William Berryman. Trans. 
of: Edward Major, Fra. Major, Eliza. 
Major, Tho. Major, Chr. Peirce. 

Eliza. Citv Co., Jan. 6, 1647, Page 114. 
200 acs. beg. at the Bridge at the nar- 

row of the back river, & 100 acs. beg. 
at the edge of the road, W. N. W. into 
the island. 200 acs. formerly granted 
unto Ephaproditus Lawson, by him as- 
signed unto Samuel Groose (Grosse), 
by him unto John Davis, by Davis to 
Stephens. 100 for trans, of: James Bi- 
sole & Peter Westhead. 

THOMAS TODD, 40 acs. Eliza. City 
Co., Mar. 6, 1647, Page 114. At the 
head of old Poquoson river. Formerly 
granted unto Robert Gold, who assigned 
same unto Richard Loyd, by him to 
Geoge Sapher, by him to Thomas Boss- 
well, by him to Thomas Williams, by 
him to Christopher Copeland, by him 
to Tho. Boswell & him unto the sd. 

EDWARD BLAND, Merchant, 1,300 
acs. on the S. side of James River, about 
a mile from the head of Upper Chi- 
poaks, from the path leading from 
Swann Bay to the Indian Feilds. Due 
for trans, of: Edward Bland, Ja. Bland, 
Wm. Beare, Eliza. Bland, Tho. Leigh, 
Geo. Proby, Richard Litler, Robt. Wood- 
ruffe, Jo. Smith, Lydia Emeroy, Mary 
Beard, Griffeth Davis, John Thomas, 
Anna Burk, Nich. Weather, Kat Lands 
(?), Ann. Farrar, Geo. Marrow, Lucy 
Evans, Geo. Price, Tho. Dorwin, Wil- 
liam Turke, Thomas Ridley, Richard 
Strader, Charles Baldwin. Mar. 16, 
1647, Page 115. 

(JONES) & JOHN TAYLOR, 500 acs. 
Northampton Co., Apr. 9, 1648, Page 
115. At Otchahannock Cr., bounded W. 
by land of Thomas ohnson. Due by as- 
signment from Edward Drew by & for 
trans, of: John Jenkins, Alice Moye, 
Wm. Berriman, Giles Bashaw, John 
Saye, Edward Morris, William Carter, 
Peter Higginson, George Hill, Tho. 

JOHN SEWARD, 1,200 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Apr. 15, 1648, Page 116. 
On a br. of Roynoak River called the 
black water. Trans, of: Robert Partin, 
Margaret his wife, Robert Partin, Junr., 
Avis, Rebecca, Debora, his Daughters, 
Richard Goldsmith, Abra. Shearman, 
James Parrit, Richd. Thomkin, Geo. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Duke, Wm. Jackson, Wm. Harris, Alice 
Edwards, James Pelard, Jo. Richards, 
John Richards, Richard Wakeing, Robert 
Dowen, John Seanoble, Ann Yarner, 
Phillip Martin, Wm. Reynolds, Henry 
Kno wells. 

JOHN SEWARD, 400 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Apr. 15, 1648, Page 117. 
Swd. side of a branch of Roynoak River. 
Trans, of: Tho. Williams, Robt. Brice, 
Mary Evelin, Wm. Walter, Peter Gut- 
trige, Jane How, Fra. Morgan, John 

GEORGE SALSBURY, 100 acs. Nan- 
simund Co., Apr. 15, 1648, Page 117. 
Upon S. W. side of New town haven 
river, adj. Thomas Brice & Henry 
Beadly. Trans, of 2 pers. 

ROBERT PITT, 300 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Apr. 17, 1648, Page 118. 
S. W. towards New town haven river. 
Trans, of: Robert Horton, John Tillet, 
William Walter, Symon Cox, Margaret 
Orde, Thomas Blanch. 

Northampton Co., June 10, 1646, Page 

118. At Naswattocks Cr. Trans, of: 
Henry Heakley, Mary his wife, Xtopr. 
Bryan, Robert Camblett, Ja. Standish, 
Mary Foxly, Jno. Culpeper, Ja. Harden, 
Jno. Price, Nico. Crookneck, Hen. 

Northampton Co., June 20, 1646, Page 

119. At Naswattock Cr. Trans, of: 
Jno. Seaverne, Bridgett his wife, Jno. 
Severne, Jr., Abra. Hargraves, Wm. 
Alleson, Wm. Stephens, Abra. Merifield, 
John Pott, Robert Satums, John Linch. 

THOMAS MILES, 150 acs. upon the 
Eastermost br. of Eliza. Riv. in Nehuntas 
Cr., next above land of Robert Martin, 
Nov. 17. 1646, Page 119. Trans, of: 
Francis Baker, Phillip Weston, John 

VAUSE. 2,300 acs., Apr. 18, 1648, Page 
119. The lower part in Yorke Riv. 
about 7 mi. up the Narrow on the S. 
side thereof, along Mr. Francis Fludd & 
Mr. Thomas Broughton. Trans, of: Ed- 

ward Kings well, Roger Wingatt, "the 
Minister, his Son" Anthony Kingswell, 
Wm. Bradshaw, John Bell, Chastene 
(?) Burdett, William Spry, Arth. Wil- 
son, Samll. Mayne, James Cooke, Eliza. 
Letts, Elias Taylors wife, his daughter 
Fra. Wilken (naame altered), Tho. 
Adams, Jno. Hastin, Jno. Henman, Wm. 
Burtenwood, Fra. Barington, Rich. 
Hewitt, Uryas Smith, Antho. Waddy, 
Elias Taylor, Tho. Lee, Richard Smith, 
Tho. Lucas, Eliza. Bennison, Wm. Tay- 
lor, Jno. Tolson, Wm. Harmon, Jno. 
Mackreall, Char. Caterer, Alex. Rey- 
nold, the Lady Clifton, Eliza. Booth, 
Marg. Daton, Maids, Dorothy Sillingat, 
her Daughter, Sarah Dera. Coz., Peter 
Banson, John Davis, Wm. Burwell, Fra. 
Harrison, his wife. NOTE: This patent 
calls for 46 persons & by counting "the 
minister & his son" the number here 
given is correct. 

THOMAS BROUGHTON, 1,000 acs., 
Apr. 19, 1648, Page 120. About 5 mi. 
up Pamunkev Riv. above the mouth of 
Matapony River, near Mr. Francis Fludd 
& along Mr. John Broach. 850 acs. by 
virtue of the rights of a patent granted 
unto Eliza. Hall (altered to Hull) as- 
signed unto sd. Broughton which patent 
is surrendered, & 200 acs. for trans, of 
4 pers. George Hall (or Hull), Eliza 
his wife, Edm. his son, David his son, 
Sibbella Jenkins, Mary Lowe, John Dor- 
man, David Holmes, Edwd. Michaell, 
Nicho. Fennan, Robert Phillips, Evan 
Morris, Antho. Atkins, Donned, Oliver 
Balfe, Richd. Workman, Robert Layne, 
Wm. Burwell, Lewis Burwell, Geo. Bur- 
well, Elizabeth Burwell. These (4 last 
named) assigned by Mrs. Hall. 

FRANCIS FLUDD, 300 acs. York 
Co., Apr. 19, 1648, Page 121. On the 
S. side about 7 mi. up the Narrow, 
along Thomas Vaus & Lewis Burwell & 
adj. Thomas Broughton. Trans, of: 
James Redwood, Isaac Jones, Elizabeth 
Potter, Robert Hixams, Edward Pancell, 
John Powell. 

JOHN SMITH, 200 acs. Low. Norf. 
Co., Apr. 9, 1647, Page 121. On N. 
.ride of Eliz. River, adj. George White. 
Due by assignment from Cornelius Loyd, 
by whom thew were trans., 4 rights: 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


William Willson, Ph. Newton, Wm. 
Lemon, James Smith. 

JOHN HILL, 300 acs. Norfolk Co., 
Oct. 7, 1646, Page 122. On the S. side 
of the Wwd. br. of Eliz. River, on the 
E. side of the mouth of Gousse Cr. 
Trans, of 6 pers., two of whom are 
mentioned: John Marshall & John Res- 

THOMAS WELLS, 200 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 14, 1647, Page 122. 
Upon N. side of the Wwd. Br. of Eliz. 
River, adj. John Watford. Trans, of: 
John Trent, Fra. Barbar, John Brooks, 
Thomas Bonner. 

Low. Norf. Co., Feb. 25, 1647, Page 

123. On Nwd. side of the Wwd. br. of 
Eliz. River, called Carter Cr. Trans, of: 
Geo. Guest, Eliza. Malam, Edward 
Webb, John Hill. 

RICHARD MORGAN, 100 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 24, 1647, Page 123. 
On the Nwd. side of the head of the 
Wwd. br. of Eliz. River. Due by as- 
signment of the rights of 3 pers. by 
Thomas Godby, by whom they were 
trans.: Ann Gobby, Robert Porter, Tho- 
mas Radford. 

Low. Norf. Co., Mar. 24, 1647, Page 

124. On the Nwd. side of Clark Cr., 
a br. of the Wwd. br. of Eliz. River. 
200 acs. formerly granted unto John 
Radford, & 150 for trans, of: Wm. 
Wolly, John Hues, John Hilton. 

THOMAS GODBY, 200 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 2, 1647, Page 125. On 
Clarks Cr. a br. of the Wwd. br. of 
Eliz. River. Trans, of: Tho. Wright, 
James Stringer, Tho. Garret, Thomas 

SSYMON SYMONS, 900 acs. Nanse- 
mund Co., Aug. 5, 1647, Page 125. On 
the N. W. side of Nansemund River. 
By assignment of 2 former grants from 
Thomas Hill, being granted unto John 
Hill, dec'd. & assigned by his Admr. 
the sd. Thomas Hill. 300 acs. residue 
for trans, of: Nicho. Smith, Wm. Jones, 
Hugh Age, Tho. Symker, Edward Wood, 
Tho. Seawell. 

twice, William More, William Pavy, 
Robert Clarke, Eliza. Smith, John Gar- 
ret, Thomas Hollis, John Jones, Ann 
Jones, Step. Robinson, Nicho. Cluly, 
Tho. Marchlam, Wm. Allenby, Tho- 
mason Wetts. 

ASHLEY, 200 Nansimund Co., June 1, 
1648, Page 127. At miles end of 900 
acs. of Thomas Jurdens, deserted & 
miles end of Peter Montague. Trans, of 
4 pers. 

100 acs. Nansimum Co., Apr. 9, 1648, 
Page 127. On the N. W. br. of Nansi- 
mum Riv., opposite to an Indian town. 
Trans, of 2 pers. 

ELLIS, 450 acs. Nansimum Co., Apr. 9, 
1648, Page 127. Same location. Trans, 
of 9 pers. 


110 acs. Eliz. City Co., commonly called 
fort feild, June 3, 1648, Page 128. S. 
upon the main river, from the mouth of 
a creek called Hooks alias Johns Cr. 
unto Sandy Point, near land of Thomas 
Conjers, the Gleab Land, & Thomas 
Oldis, and a bridge leading to the 
dwelling house of sd. Oldis. Trans, of 
3 pers.: His own adventure, Winifred 
his wife & Henry Morrison. 


160 ac. Eliz. City Co., commonly called 
Downes feild, June 3, 1648, Page 128. 
Being on the Strawberrie bank, beg. at 

JAMES MASON, 450 acs. Isle of 
Wight Co., Mar. 30, 1647, Page 126. 
Upon the main head of the lower bay 
cr. Formerly granted unto William 
Mills, surveyed & proved due by Nath- 
aniell White, dec'd., for trans, of 9 pers. 

THOMAS LAMBERT, 750 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., June 1, 1648, Page 126. 
Known by the name of Paggetts Neck, 
at the head of Little Cr. in Linhaven 
Parish, beg. near the Indian Bridge, near 
land of Hen. Snayle, towards path lead- 
ing from Mr. Lidneys to Capt. Yardlys 
house, down a branch parting same from 
Capt. Thorowgood, dec'd. Trans, of: 
Thomas Lambert, his transportation 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

a cedar stump called the Look out tree 
by Point Comfort Cr. side near the 
Round Mill, and near the Gleab land. 
Trans, of: Richard Morrison, Mary 
Sands, Thomas Smart. 

James City Co., May 20, 1648, Page 
129. In Chickahominy, 700 acs. part 
thereof W. upon Thomas Stout & Rich- 
ard Bell, running by Poetan Swamp & 
land of William Stephens; 400 acs. adj. 
Richard Bell, Xpian William & John 
Edwards. 700 acs. assigned by sd. Wil- 
liams unto John Norton who assigned 
same to sd. Wetherall, & 300 acs. as- 
signment of patent by sd. Stephens to 
John Gayton, who assigned to sd. Nor- 
ton & by him assigned to Wetherall. 

PETER MONTEGUE, 10 Oacs. Nan- 
simum Co., Nov. 3, 1647, Page 130. 
On N. side of New town haven River, 
adj. Thomas Jordan, deed. & Humphrey 
Scownes. Trans, of 2 pers. 

JOHN BROACH, 1,800 acs. in York 
River, opposite mouth of Matapony at 
the Narrows. Aug. 10, 1647, Page 130. 
Trans, of: Thomas Rattam, Tho. Smale- 
comb, Thomas Gibson, Ann Williams, 
Richard White, Mary Wilson, William 
More, Randall Maudor, James Saiferne, 
Ma. Norts, Doro More, Fra. Fra. More- 
ly, Nicho. Bradford, Anthony Parthurst, 
3 tymes, Richd. Heather 2 tymes, John 
Guy, Eliza. Garret, Jos. Ponsoh, Alexan- 
der , Peter Wood, Anthony, 

Michaell, Mary, Luce, Anthony a child 
(these 5 Negroes) John Wood. (6 
pers. now by virtue of the rights of a 
patent granted to Anthon. Purchurst & 
surrendered up at a court at Yorke 
holden the 27 Aug. 1640 & assigned to 
John Broach). 

WILLIAM MANY, 150 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Mar. 20, 1647, Page 131. 
Beg. at land of George Traveler, run- 
ning N. to a place called the Muddy 
bite. 100 acs. due by patent to George 
Smith, assigned to John Waltham, who 
assigned same to sd. Many, & 50 acs. 
for his own trans. 

THOMAS HALL, 300 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Nov. 20, 1647, Page 131. 

Lying on the head of little creek, a br. 
of the southern br. of Eliz. River, adj. 
John Clarke. Trans, of 6 pers. 

..FKANCIS RICE, 200 acs. Warwick 
Co., Mar. 26, 1646, Page 132. At the 
miles end of his first devident, near 
Merry point, adj. Thomas Owen, upon 
Deep Cr., adj. Natha. Eaton, Clerke. 
Trans, of 4 pers. 

James City Co., called the great neck 
of the Barren Neck, July 19, 1646, Page 
132. On a br. of Archers Hope Cr. 
parting same from the Kings Mill Neck, 
near Jocqueys Neck. Due by virtue of 
2 former patents. 

THOMAS MILES, 50 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., Nov. 1, 1647, Page 132. By 
virtue of patent to Thomas Todd, as- 
signed unto Richard Woolman & by him 
assigned unto sd. Miles. 

Low. Norf. Co., Nov. 1, 1647, Page 133. 
At the head of Gaythers Cr., a br. of 
the Southward br. of Eliz. River, adj. 
Thomas Marsh. Trans, of 4 pers. 

JOHN DAVIS, 150 acs. Yorke Co., 
Oct. 29, 1647, Page 133. Upon the up- 
per side of Queens Cr., adj. Mr. Jer- 
new, along John Judson & Joseph Cro- 
shaw. Trans, of 3 pers. 

JOHN SLAUGHTER, 50 acs. Nansi- 
mund Co., Nov. 3, 1647, Page 134. On 
the N. side of Nansimund, bet. his own 
& land of Rockholes. Trans, of 1 per. 

JOHN ROBBINS, 100 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Nov. 5, 1645, Page 134. 
At the head of the first br. on the North- 
ern side of Naswattocks Cr., N. upon 
land of Mr. Charleton. Trans, of 2 pers. 

Northampton Co., Nov. 23, 1647, Page 
134. At Matchepungo Cr., on the S. 
side thereof. Trans, of 11 pers. 

JOHN FOSTER, 450 acs. Northamp- 
ton Co., Sept. 23, 1647, Page 135. At 
the seaboard side, at the N. side of a 
former devident granted sd. Foster. 
Trans, of 9 pers. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


THOMAS GIBSON, 600 acs. in 
Yorke River, Aug. 16, 1647, Page 135. 
About 25 miles up the Narrows of sd. 
River. Trans, of 12 pers., of whom the 
following are mentioned: Wm. Hinde, 
his 3 wives, his 3 children, Peter Peirce, 
John Williams, John Green, Henry Mor- 
yow, James Evans, Peter Richardson. 

HUGH ALLEN, 420 acs. Yorke Co., 
Mar. 7, 1647, Page 135. Adj. Mr. Roul- 
stons first devident, Martin Becker & 
Robert Braw. By virtue of former 
patent & trans, of 9 pers. 

WILLIAM SHIPP, 200 acs. Lower 
Norf. Co., Nov. 1, 1647, Page 136. At 
a creek near Francis Land's plantation. 
By virtue of patent made to Ensigne 
Thomas Keelding, & by sd. Keeling as- 
signed to sd. Shipp. 

DOROTHY STORY, the Elder & 
DOROTHY STORY the Younger, 600 
acs. Up. Norf. Co., Nov. 3, 1647, Page 
136. On Indian Cr. of the Western br. 
Nansimund River, adj. miles end of 
land of John Garrett. Due by virtue of 
a patent granted to William Storry. 

• LEONARD GUINNS, 150 acs. Nan- 
simund Co., June 9, 1648. Page 137. 
Upon the Westward side of Nansimund 
Riv., 30 acs. being an island called 
Dumplinn Is., opposite to land of Fran- 
cis Maiden & near Thomas Parker. Due 
by purchase from Toby Smith. 

TOBY SMITH to Leonard Guinns, 
Planter, the above tract of land. Feb. 
3, 1647, Page 137. Signed Tobv Smith, 
Clk. Ct. Witnesses: George Gwillum 
& Robert Gibson. 

Eliz. City, Carpenter, 204 acs. in sd. 
countv, June 1, 1648, Page 138. On the 
S. side of the ould poquoson river, adj. 
land late of George Hall (Hull). Part 
due by former patent. 

RALPH HUNT, 300 acs. Eliz. Citv 
Co., May 30, 1648, Pa«e 1*8. Near W. 
side of the head of Salfords Cr., S. up- 
on the head of Bartholomew Wethers 
land, adj. Thomas Cely & William 
Holder. Due b" former patent. 

JOHN HOULDER, 50 Eliza. City 
Co., Nov. 25, 1648, Page 138. Near 
head of Salfords Cr., dividing same from 
land of Thomas Cely, adj. land of Bar- 
tholomew Wetherby & Ralph Hunt. 
Trans, of: John Peikins. 


acs. Charles City Co., May 8, 1648, 
Page 139. Near mouth of Baylyes Cr., 
adj. land belonging to the orphants of 
Jenkin Osborne, John Butler. 350 acs. 
formerly granted to Jenkins Osborne & 
purchased by sd. Poythres of Jenkin Os- 
borne, Mary Osborne & Capt. Edward 
Hill by the right of Dictoris Chrismas. 
The other 450 acs. due by former patent. 

WILLIAM ap THOMAS, 335 acs. 
Eliza. City Co., June 2, 1648, Page 139. 
Adj. Thomas Wattd & Mrs. Lucy Purify. 
100 acs. formerly granted unto Nicholas 
Hill & purchased by the sd. Thomas. 
150 acs. assigned to sd. Thomas by 
Walter Cade for trans, of: Walter Cade, 
his wife twice, Wm. ap Thomas, Jane 

JOHN INGRAM, 300 acrs. Elizabeth 
City Co., Nov. 23, 1647, Page 140. E. 
upon Point Comfort Cr., W. upon land 
of Humphry Tabb, N. upon land now 
in possession of John Hawkins. 50 acs. 
due by right of patent granted unto 
Giles Jones, Oct. 29, 1628, assigned to 
sd. Ingram, & the other 250 acs. part 
of an order of court of 500 acs. granted 
to David Poole & by him assigned to sd. 

EDWARD PARISH, Planter, of the 
County of Eliz. City Co., 200 acs. in sd. 
county, dated last of Mav, 1648, Page 
140. Adj. formerly belonging to Robert 
West & W. on Richard Grigson. 200 
acs. part of a patent to John Graves, 
purchased by sd. Parrish. 

JOHN SAYNES, 250 acs. Tames City 
Co., Julv 3, 1648, Page 140. Near 
Smiths Fort, Upon Powells Cr. & S. 
upon land of Thomas Hart, Orphant. 

Trans, of: William Tones, John , 

Symon Atwell, John Burgis, Jos. Lawyer. 

THOMAS HILL, 3.000 acs. James 
City Co., April 28, 1648, Page 141. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Near head of Upper Chipoaks Cr. Due 
by former patent & trans, of 6 pers. 

assignment unto EDWARD BLAND, 
Merchant, of the above tract, Dec. 23, 
1649. Witnesses: Garret Corbitt, John 
Hill, Jos. Gobert. 

WILLIAM BARRET, 700 acs. on the 
Eastermost side of Chickahominy River 
commonly called by the name of War- 
rany ould town, June 7, 1648, Page 141. 
Trans, of: Wm. Barret, Jno. King, Wal- 
ter Price, Dav. Phillips, Robert Castle, 
Gabrell Thomas, John Greene, Sym. 
Thomas, Edm. Foxmond, Wm. Batts, 
Joice Farlo, Pat Paul, Francis Story, 
Peeter Norrell. 

WILLIAM PARRY, 90 acs. Eliz. City 
Co., June 6, 1648, Page 142. Beg. at 
upper bounds of Florentine Paynes devi- 
dent, near Daniell Tanners, near path 
leading from Kequotan to Mr. Eatons 
house. Trans, of 2 pers. 

Norf. Co., July 3, 1648, Page 142. At 
the head of Chuckatuck, adj. Mr. Robt. 
Praiser & Mr. Rockwell. Due by his 
own trans. 

1,100 acs. called Timer Neck, Isle of 
Wight Co., (no date appear) Page 142. 
Bet. the two S. W. branches by the side 
of black water. Trans, of: Mr. Hardy 
himself the 2nd time, his wife 2d & 3d 
time, Jpian Wilson, Thomas Green, 
William Taylor, Alexr. Hux, Richard 
Bell, David Greere, Thomas Claus, 
Eliz. Holmes, John Monser, Robert 
Ward, John Taylor, John Oliver, James 
Louder, Antho. Tyngle, Xtopr. Med- 
calfe, Edward Holt, Thomas Soopson, 
Mary Booth, Ann Garner. 

WILLIAM EWEN, Merchant, 1,400 
acs. James City Co., July 8, 1648. Page 
143. N. W. upon land of Mr. Green- 
don, N. E. upon the river. 400 acs. by 
a patent granted him Sept. 15, 1619 & 
1,000 acs. by patent granted him — of 
Jan. 1621, also due for trans, of 28 
pers.: His own per. right, John Munck, 

Wm. Garnett, Jno. Musquoy (?), 
Nicho. White, Anthony Young, Wm. 
Pugly, Hugh Chick, Lewis Elliot, Wm. 
Phillips, Richd. Auston, Wm. Knight, 
Phill. Rogers, Richd. Dareing, Nicho. 
Feeton, Richd. Penne, Jno. Flaxton, 
Wm. Nuse, Peter Montegue, Jno. Much- 
ford, John Cootes, Ad. Margrand, Henry 
Persons, John Williams, GrifTeth 
George, Wm. Marshall, Wm. Berwicke, 
John Layne. 

DAVIS, 1,080 acs., 180 acs. James City 
Co., July 10, 1648, Page 143. Along 
sunken marsh main runn, land of Mr. 
Grindon & Willm. Ewin to the passage 
over sunken marsh. Trans, of 22 pers.: 
William Edwards, Dorothy his wife, 
Robert Willson, Thomas White, Tho. 
Wombwell, Tho. Bryan, Christopher 
Weston, Fra. Hall, Jno. Mathews, Ann 
Hill, David Hussey, Henry Price, Bar- 
bery Hill, Gartwragh Eberomy, Hump. 
Sherwood, Jason Rovely, Mathew Hud- 
son, Sarah Srovell, Wm. Handley, Robt. 
Night, David Husey. 

JOHN TWY, 200 acs. James City 
Co., July 6, 1648, Page 144. Upon the 
main branch of Powells Cr., adj. Tho- 
mas Hart Orpht. & William Foster. 
Trans, of: Henry Alsopp, Rich. Ryther- 
land, Henry Hill, Abbigall Jorden. 

JOHN WATKINS, 850 acs. James 
City Co., July 3, 1648, Page 144. Lye- 
ing above the head of Greys Cr., adj. 
Christopher Lawson. 350 acs. by former 
patent & 500 acs. for trans, of 10 pers. 
Only the following names are given 
under this patent: Christopher Barker, 
Nicho. Brown, Alice his wife, "one 
whose names is not known." 

THOMAS GIBSON, 1,000 acs. 
Charles River Co., May 2, 1648, Page 
145. Upon the S. side of Chas. River. 
Due by purchase of a former patent for 
sd. land made unto John Broach. 

THOMAS HART, sonn unto Henry 
Hart, dec'd., 100 acs. at Smiths Fort, 
James City Co., July 3, 1648, Page 145. 
Adj. William Milnes. Trans, of: Robert 
Knight, Tudith Greene, William Pierce, 
Phillip Clave. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


THOMAS WARREN, 290 acs. at 
Smiths Fort, James City Co., July 3, 
1648, Page 146. Adj. Goodman Spiltim- 
ber & John Corker. Part of a former 
patent for 450 acs. granted sd. Warren. 

James City Co., July 3, 1648, Page 146. 
About 2 mi. distant from James River 
on the S. side, adj. Henry Hart. By 
virtue of former patent. 

James City Co., July 3, 1648, Page 146. 
Near the head of the N. W. br. of 
Smith Fort Cr., along John Watkins' 
land. Trans, of: Edm. Marshall, John 
Fludd, Edm. Tedmund, Samll. Cattan, 
William Russell, Willm. Savadge, Rich- 
ard Browne, Edward Buderhill. 

GEORGE HARDY, 500 acs., July 17, 
1648, Page 147. Lyeing on the E. side 
of Lawnes Cr., extending to the main 
river, along land reputed Thomas Gay- 
nes, along the great river to a cr. divid- 
ing same from land of Alice Bennet. 
300 acs. by former patent & 200 acs. 
for trans, of: 4 pers., 3 of whom are 
named: Ellin Sleeve, Ann Clarke, Ann 

WILLIAM BARRET, 850 acs. James 
City Co., June 7, 1648, Page 147. Up- 
on the W. side of Chickahomany Riv., 
beg. at land of Edward Travers that he 
purchased of John Robins. This land 
was assigned to sd. Barret by Thomas 

PHILLIP BENNET, 1,230 acs. 
Nancemund ' Co., Aug. 16, 1648, Page 
148. Upon E. side of Bennets Cr., adj. 
Anthony Weels & Epaphroditus Law- 
son. Due by former patents & as. Admr. 
of Robert Bennet, except 330 acs. due 
for trans, of: Sibira, Negro, John Huse, 
William Thomas, Danll. Feild, William 
Peirce, John Richinson, Tho. Acreland. 

RANDALL CREW, 460 acs. Nance- 
mund Co., Sept. 9, 1648, Page 148. Up- 
on Ewd. side of the Southern br. of 
Nancemund Riv., adj. land of William 
Hatfeild. Trans, of: Jane Snape, John 
Barlo, John Preston, Jasper Pillary, 
Henry Hawkins, Wm. Johnson, John 
Johnson, Wm. Long, Richard Philpot, 
Thomas Harris. 


200 acs. James City Co., June 12, 1648, 
Page 149. In Pasbehayes, adj. Edward 
Oliver, John White, Daniell Lyell & 
Sir Francis Wyatt. Lease for term of 21 
years. Annual Rent: "8 bbls. Merchant- 
able Indian Corne Sheald at the State- 
house in James City." 

Assignment of the above lease, June 
12, 1648, Page 149. Witnesses: Samll. 
Abbott & Henry Fleet. Teste: Geo. 
Reade, Clk. Ct. 

James City Co., Sept. 10, 1648, Page 

150. Lease for 21 years. Annuall Rent: 
1 bbl. Mer. Indian Corn sheld at the 
Statehouse at James City, payment to be- 
gin at the Nativity of our Lord 1649. 

MRS. JANE PIRKINS, 27 acs. James 
City Co., Sept. 9, 1648, Page 150. Adj. 
land of Anthony Colemand & near John 
Fitchett. This land was given to Alex- 
ander Stoner by Capt. William Peirce 
in open court and forfeited by sd. Stoner 
unto John Knight, who assigned to to 
William Edwards, who assigned it to 
Edward Prince, who assigned it to 
Robert Miles, who assigned it to the sd. 
Mrs. Pirkins. 

acs. Up. Norf. Co., Sept. 7, 1644, Page 

151. Upon the W. side of Nansimund 
Riv. Due as followeth: 300 acs. part of 
a patent granted unto Francis Maiden, 
100 acs. part of patent to George Lud- 
low; part of a patent to Geo. Chewning 
& 250 for trans, of 5 pers. 

JAMES MASON, 60 acs. commonly 
called Smith Fort, James City Co., July 
8, 1648, Page 151. Adj. William Mil- 
nes & Thomas Hart. Trans, of: Richard 
Davis & Mary Mutton. 40 acs. remain- 
ing due. 

JAMES MASON, 250 acs. James City 
Co., July 8, 1648, Page 152. At the 
head of Greys Cr., adj. Thomas Grey. 
Trans, of: John Newman, Eliz. Ebbell, 
Thomas Williams, John Watson. Should 
be 5 names. 

RICHARD PETTIBON, 700 acs. up- 
on Southward side of Rappahanock Riv., 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Nov. 28, 1648, Page 152. Adj. land of 
John Benton, crossing Pettibon Cr. Due 
for trans, of 14 pers., assigned unto him 
by Thomas Sabin: Tho. Sabin, Phil. 
Smith, Geo. Vaughan, Tho. Pope, Eliza. 
Blackman, John Dunery, John Jolly, 
Licha Jolly, Fran. Jolly, Tho. Jones, Jr. 
Pontian, Gama Symons, Step. Laroch, 
Fran. Holmes. 

JOHN WILSON, 100 acs. Charles 
River Co., Oct. 1, 1648, Page 153. W. 
upon land formerly granted unto Ed- 
ward Major. This land was granted un- 
to Richd. Major, including 150 acs. as- 
signed him by Joseph Croshaw; the 
aforesd. 100 acs. was assigned by Major 
to Thomas Lucus, who assigned it to 
William Roberts & Nicho. Davis, who 
assigned it to Henry Greborne & John 
Wilson by deed dated Feb. 23, 1642 & 
by the death of Henry Greborne. one 
of the joint tennants, the sd. 100 acs. is 
now due to John Wilson by Survivor- 

RICHARD LEE. 1,250 acs. On the 
N. side of Yorke River, opposite to the 
poplar Neck on the S. side of the river, 
being land formerly possessed by John 
Bayles & George Knight & for want of 
an heir developed to his Majesty. Due 
sd. Lee for trans, of 24 pers.: Wm. 
Crawford, Henry Hed (?), Wm. Batche- 
lor, Nicho. Merror, Mathew Lee, John 
Farror, George Way, Chris. Feathergill, 
Edward Dicks, Wm. David, Joane Peay- 
ler, John Lyne, Elizabeth Reds, John 
Hunt, John Thomas, James Ware, Mary 
Martin, Peter Parchmore, George Light, 
Fra. Newton, Geo. Lee, Tho. Kidd, 
Henry Cloyd, John Permeter. 

RICHARD WYATT, 500 acs. in 
Mockjack Bay, Aug. 20, 1645, Page 154. 
Upon the Eastermost side of Ware 
River, and running to Cow Cr. Trans, 
of 10 pers.: John Bandwick, Silvanas 
Ricraft, Thomas Wilmot, Samuell Sures, 
Ann Griffen, Morcas Morgrave, Hen. 
Brightmon, Mary Wilkinson, Lydia 
Berry, (The 4 last names are yt due sd. 
Wyatt, which are assigned to Richd. 

THOMAS LUDWELL, 500 acs., 
James City Co., June 16, 1648. Page 

155. Upon the N. side of Jones Cr. in 
Chickahominy River. Trans, of 10 pers.: 
Elinor Bigg, Alice Jefferson, John 
Barker, Wm. Vicard, Adam Richardson, 
John Daniell, John Chinley, John New- 
ton, Wm. Druit, Henry Collier. 

FRANCIS CEELY, 600 acs., Mar. 2, 
1648, Page 155. (County not given). 
Due for trans, of 12 pers., viz.: Fran. 
Ceely, Hills John, Carry Fitts, Richard 
Cooper, Walter Edward, Hen. Stip- 
thorpe, Wm. Waters, Henry Steele, 
Humphrey Weydon, John Andrewes, 
Ralph Seane, Nathll. More. 

RICHARD RICHARDS, 350 acs. at 
Archars Hope, called by the name of 
Little town, Nov. 12, 1648, Page 155. 
W. upon Capt. Humphrey Higginson, 
E. upon John Jefferson, now in posses- 
sion of Mary Williams, 250 acs. granted 
unto Capt. William Claiborne, Dec. 12, 
1625, & 100 acs. granted unto John 
Comandres Feb. 20, 1619, and purchased 
by sd. Richards. 

THOMAS BOURNE, 200 acs. Yorke 
Co., Feb. 10, 1648, Page 156. In Chis- 
kyak Parish, near head of Chiskyake Cr., 
adj. William Barber. Trans, of 4 pers.: 
John Wayne, Edward Cock, Tho. 
Bourne, Thomas Borne. "For his seat- 
ing Chesceake the first yeare." 


Richard Thompson, 560 acs. Northum- 
berland Co., commonly known as Kings 
Neck, Apr. 5, 1649, Page 156. Lyeing 
in little Wickocomoko Cr., from the 
mouth of a branch called Old Mans Cr. 
Trans, of 11 pers.: Richard Russell, 
Tho. Griggs, Richard Ridges, Robert 
Gare, Patience Brown, John Daniell, 
Grace Goodriffe, Tohn Anderson, Ann 
Badger, John Bamfeild, Justin Davis. 

ROBERT EYRES. 350 acs. on the 
Southward side of Rappahannock River, 
Jan. 1, 1645. Pase 157. Trans, of 7 
pers.: Peter Welden, Bridgett Ellins, 
Svmon Robinson. Pemett Foster, John 
Cooper, George Hudson, Henry Watson. 

acs. upon the Northward side of the 
Ewd. branch of Eliz. River. Jan. 1, 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


1645, Page 157. Near Hoskins Cr. 
Trans, of 16 pers.: Richard Hoskins, 
Osmond Boardman, Joane Curtis, Bar- 
bara Douse, Alice Curtis, Tho. Cake- 
bread, Mary Richardson, Edward Spicer, 

Edmond , Sands Nicholls, Roger 

Gilbert, Sr., Roger Gilber, Junr. Robert 
Body, Robert Harwood, Wm. Knowles, 
Masld Fisher. 

CAPT. JOHN SIBSEY, 80 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Apr. 5, 1649, Page 158. 
Bounding on land of Mr. Sewell, deed. 
& on the main river. Trans, of: John 
Peat & Arthur Watson. 

CAPT. JOHN SIBSEY, 240 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Apr. 5, 1649, Page 158. N. 
N. E. upon James River, Sandy point, 
Masons Cr., Watkins branch & land 
formerly granted to Capt. John Subsey & 
others. Trans, of: Andrew Dolson, Ja. 
Millacha, Mary Evans, Barb. Carter, 
Tho. Sheriffs. 

JOHN BALDWIN, 300 acs. North- 
ampton Co., Mar. 18, 1648, Page 159. 
At Occohannocke Cr. & Compekeeke Cr. 
Trans, of: John Baldwin, William 
Holse, George Hall, Wm. Stanley, Tho- 
mas Key, Marg. Holmes. 

CAPT. JOHN SYBSEY, 50 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 26, 1649, Page 159. At 
the mouth of Eliza. Riv., adj. on the 
W. end with an isthmus or narrow neck, 
unto Crany point, on all other parts sur- 
rounded and compassed partly with 
James river, Eliza. River & Crayny Br. 
Trans, of 1 person. 

THOMAS ME ARES, 100 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., 26 Mar. 1649 (date erased), 
Page 159. Upon the N. side of Wwd. 
br. of Eliza. River, adj. John Watford. 
Trans, of 2 pers. 

Yorke Co., Apr. 30, 1649, Page 160. 
Upon N. side of Charles River, E. S. E. 
with Rosewell Cr., W. S. W. on Burn- 
ham Cr. Due by former patent. 

RALPH GREEN, 50 acs. Charles 
River Co., Apr. 9, 1649, Page 160. Up- 

on N. side of Queens Cr., near land of 
John Uty & John Bell. This land was 
part of a devident of Capt. John Uty, 
who assigned it to John Lylly & John 
Bell, who assigned it to Richard Major, 
who assigned it Richard Jones, who as- 
signed it to Robert Bouth, who assigned 
it to Owen Loyd, & by John Broach, 
Atty. for sd. Loyd, conveyed to John 
Hartwell. Due unto sd. Green by in- 
termarriage with the relict of sd. Green, 
who also dyed. 

JOB. CHANTER, 240 acs. Low. 
Norf. Co., Mar. 7, 1648, Page 161. W. 
upon Linhaven River, unto mouth of 
Strattons Cr., adj. Capt. Francis Yardley. 
Trans, of: Mary Francis, Rob. Bayly, 
Jno. Martiall, Mary Allen, Eady Crea- 

JOHN JENNINGS, 211 Acs. James 
City Co., Apr. 11, 1649, Page 161. Up- 
on the two Northermost branches of 
Greys Cr., N. E. & S. E. upon land of 
Thomas Woodhouse, N. E. & S. E. up- 
on John Watkins & S. E. upon James 
Mason. Trans, of 5 pers., there remain- 
ing 39 acres due upon the last name. 
(Names not mentioned). 

WILLIAM BATT, 128 acs. James 
City Co., Apr. 11, 1649, Page 161. 
Upon Lower Chipokes Cr. called by 
the natives the Indian pacotacke, bound- 
ed from the head of Pond Swamp, along 
George Powell. Trans, of 3 pers., 22 
acs. being due upon the last name: Ema. 
Lowrey, Elinor Lowrey, John Roseires. 

Norf. Co., Oct. 20, 1648, Page 162. On 
Gaythers Cr. of the S. branch of Eliza. 
River. Trans, of: Andrew Nichols, his 
wife Elizabeth, Andrew, William & Eli- 
zabeth, his 3 children. 

JOHN CLARKE, 250 acs. Low. Norf. 
Co., Oct. 20, 1648, Page 162. N. side 
of Little Cr., a br. of the S. br. of 
Eliz. River, adj. land of Thomas Marsh. 
Trans, of 5 pers.: Jacob Atwack, Nathan 
Kingsland, Ann Broadfeild, Elizabeth 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Book No. 2 

Staff. Co., Feb. 5, 1694/5, Page 120. 
Lying upon the S. W. side of Quonti- 
cott Cr., beg. at upper corner tree of 
William Bourne. Said land containing 
1,000 acs. first taken up by one Mr. 
Martin about 1657 and not being peti- 
tioned for according to law on Oct. 22, 
1665, 800 acs. of the same was granted 
to Christopher Lunn, who assigned same 
to John Matthews, who assigned to Ed- 
ward Mason. Said Farrow married the 
widow of Edward Mason & is now 
desirous of obtaining title to the part 
left by Mason to his children, by will, 
as well as other part in right of his 

GEORGE NICH. HACK, 1,100 acs. 
Staff. Co., above Puscataway, bounded 
E. upon Potowmanck River, S. upon 
Ashtons land & N. by the river. Former- 
ly taken up by Nich. Spencer & Richard 
Wright in joint tenancy, Sept. 28, 1661, 
& the whole vested in Spencer upon the 
death of Wright. "Out of the affec- 
tion he (Spencer) bore to his neece 
Miss Ann Wright daughter of the said 
Richard did assign over his right of 
the whole to her by deed acknowledged 
in the County Court of Westmoreland 
the sixth of Sept. 1665 and also the said 
Ann Wright being then a minor did ob- 
tain a patent in her name Oct. 7. 1670 
& the said George Nicholas Hack hav- 
ing married the said Anne then moved 
to our office for a grant of the said land 
from us to confirm the said," &c. 

AIEXANDER SWAN, of Lancaster 
Co., 78 acs. in Richmond Co., Farnham 
Creek, beg. in the line of Fauntlerov on 
the S. W. side of White Oak Swamp. 
N. W. alone Tohn Aimes & W. towards 
William Wheeler. Feb. 11. 1694/5. 
Pavment of fee rent. Page 123. 

ALEXANDER SWAN, of Richmond 
Co., 148 acs. in Rich'd. Co.. Feb. 11, 
1 694/5. Paee 124. Said land granted 
m Richard Wheeler (Wheler) by patent 
Mar. 20, 1661. who died without heir 
or disposing of same bv will, where- 
upon sd. Swan presented same for es- 

cheat to the Proprs. office then kept by 
Richard Whitehead, & the agent of the 
Proprs., Philip Ludwell being in Eng- 
land & leaving no blank deeds, sd. Swan 
could not then obtain grant for same. 

JOHN NICHOLLS, 163 acs., West- 
moreland Co., Washington Parish, Feb. 
21, 1694/5, Page 125. Beg. at land of 
Capt. Lawrence Washington & George 
Hales, towards Francis Triplett, Francis 
James & land formerly in the tenure of 
Thomas Blagg. Consideration: Payment 
of composition. 

JOHN NICHOLLS, 280 acs. West- 
moreland Co., beg. at Francis Wright. 
Feb. 21, 1694/5, Page 126. Land 
formerly surveyed for Thomas Goff, who 
with his wife acknowledged same in 
court to sd. Nicholls. Consideration: 
Payment of composition required. 

LEWIS GRIFFIN, 154 acs. Staff. Co., 
beg. at corner of John Owen, running 
towards William Bunberry. Feb. 21, 
1694/5, Page 127. Consideration: Same 
as above. 

SEM. COX, 378 acs. partly in Rich- 
mond Co. & partly in Staff. Co., beg. at 
corner tree of George King, running to 
land of Henry Berrie, N. by Hale's cart 
path, W. & N. to head of a branch of 
Owmen Cr., corner to James Key, to 
Ire. Owen, along Lewis Griffin & Bun- 
berry's land, to a branch of Machotak 
dams. March 1, 1694/5, Page 128. 
Consideration: as above. 

JOHN WAUGH, 220 acs. Staff. Co. 
in the forest of Paspatanzie, beg. upon 
the forrest road between Rappahannock 
& Potowmack, extending to Mr. Mott's 
corner & along Matthews' line. Mar. 4, 
1694/5, Page 129. Consideration: as 

THOMAS PORTER, 175 acs. beg. at 
corner tree of George King, upon land 
of Henry Bury & along Hale's road. 
Mar. 7, 1694/5, Page 130. Same as 

Mar. 7, 1694/5, Page 131. Being part 
of 230 acs. formerly surveyed by Robert 
Chamberlayne, who sold to sd. Daven- 
port, deed dated June 26, 1687 & ack- 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


nowledged in Westmoreland Court, & 
115 acs. hereof conveyed by Davenport 
to John Edwards. 

ROBERT PECK, 100 acs., Mar. 7, 
1694/5, Page 132. Adj. devident that 
William Lippet lived on, & along land 
of Mr. Savage, Henry Bury & James 
Kay. Payment as above. 

JAMES ORCHARD, 66 acs., beg. up- 
on the S. side of Tuckoes Run & upon 
S. side of the head fork of Relank Cr. 
(Rolock Cr.) adj. land of Thomas Phil- 
pott, deed, (now sd. Orchard's) Wil- 
liam Carr & land formerly granted to 
John Powel, deed., now Paine's. Mar. 
8, 1694/5, Page 132. 

JAMES ORCHARD, 363 acs., beg. in 
the main branch of Chanamon, towards 
land of Major John Wane. Mar. 8, 
1694/5/ Page 133. 

GERRARD FORD, 250 acs., beg. on 
the N. W. side of Attopin Cr., other- 
wise called Roseers Cr., at the mouth of 
a swamp by Potowmack River side, S. 
E. upon land of Lawrance Washington, 
S. W. upon sd. Washington, Francis 
Gray & sd. Ford & N. W. upon land of 
Thomas Arsowsmith. Mar. 9, 1694/5, 
page 134. 

THOMAS WALLIS, 1,040 acs. on 
the fall run of Rappahannock, beg. at 
Mr. Waugh's West line. Mar. 9, 
1694/5, Page 135. 

RALPH WHITING, 250 acs., beg. 
at cor. tree of Esquire Wormeley, ex- 
tending up the river, cutting over coves 
& branches of Chingateaque. Mar. 11, 
1694/5, Page 135. 

RALPH WHITING, 450 acs., beg/ at 
William Lippett's, thence to Simsons, 
binding upon James Kay, Henry Bury 
& Robert Peck, & being part of a sur- 
vey of 550 acs. made for Henry Bury. 
Mar. 11, 1694/5, Page 136. 

JAMES MATTHEWS, 100 acs., beg. 
at John Griffin's, extending towards 
John Easter & crossing the main run of 
Chingateague. Mar. 11, 1694/5, Page 


JOHN EASTER, 123 acs., beg. near 
a small branch, crossing the main run 
of Chingateague. Mar. 11, 1694/5, 
Page 137. 

JOHN GRIFFIN, 450 acs., beg. at 
corner tree of Ralph Whiting, extending 
to James Matthews, crossing main run 
of Chingateague, S. to line of Esquire 
Wormeley. Mar. 11, 1694/5, Page 138. 

JOHN MOTTS, 240 acs., beg. a little 
below Chatwins bridge, running N. E. 
to land of Richard Alderson. Sd. land 
commonly known as the Short Neck. 
Mar. 13, 1694/5, Page 138. 

HENRY STONEHAM, 117 acs., beg. 
at corner tree of a seat of land called 
Short Neck, extending to land of Alex- 
ander Newman. Mar. 30, 1694/5, Page 

EDWARD PL ATT, 106 acs., beg. at 
a branch of Mechotick dam, running 
along land of William & John Bun- 
berry, Simon Cox & George King. Mar. 

15, 1694/5, Page 139. 

JOSEPH HENSON, 391 acs., Mar. 

16, 1694/5, Page 140. 

WILLIAM FITZHUGH, 200 acs. in 
the forrest of Pasbetanzie, Feb. 16, 
1694/5, Page 141. Beg. at a corner 
red oak in the line of Richard Rossen 
& divind this from land of the orphant 
of John Gardiner. This tract of land 
was conveyed by William Hebberd, of 
Staff. Co., to Jonathan Randal Apr. 10, 
1678, who, by will, devised the same in 
fee to Malashy Peale, Nov. 20, 1683, 
which sd. Peale sold to Richard Bryan, 
Sept. 1, 1685, & Bryan sold to sd. Fitz- 
hugh Mar. 16, 1691, said deeds & will 
being of record in Stafford Co. The 
original patent being lost, Fitzhugh now 
sues fo rgrant in his name. 

MAXFIELD BROWN, 228 acs., beg. 
upon land of Francis Wright, formerly 
belong to Col. John Washington, deed., 
along land of the orphans of William 
Brown & John Rosse. Mar. 19, 1694/5, 
Page 142. 

JOHN HORNESBY, 107 acs., beg. 
in or near line of Christopher Neal, ex- 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

tending to Mr. Taylor's line, & by the 
Swd. branch of Wiccamoco River. Mar. 
21, 1694/5, Page 143. 

ARTHUR MARSH, 50 acs, beg. on 
the main branch of Wiccomoco River, 
S. on the land of James Pope, E. on the 
road that runs from sd. river to Coroto- 
man & N. on another tract of sd. Marsh. 
Mar. 26, 1695, Page 144. 

PETER HAMMON, 150 acs., Mar. 
26, 1695, Page 144. Northumberland 
Co. Part of a patent of 1,200 acs. 
granted to Thomas Dodson, Nov. 29, 
1658, who died, without heirs, seized of 
the same. James Gailiard presented 
same for escheat but dying before patent 
was sealed, devised sd. land to his wife, 
who sold to divers persons by several 
deeds, 150 acs. of which she conveyed to 
sd. Hammon. Sd. land abutting S. upon 
land of Walter Jenkins, W. upon Tho- 
mas Williams, N. upon George Nichols 
& E. on Col. Lee. 

JOHN LEWIS, 150 acs. Northumber- 
land Co., Mar. 26, 1695, Page 146. 
Part of a patent of 1,200 acs. granted 
to Thomas Dodson, and conveyed to sd. 
Lewis by Ann Gailaird, as in the above 
abstract. Said 150 acs. adjoins Charles 
Lee, Walter Jenkins, Peter Hammon & 
Thomas Haydon. 

JOHN HEWLETT, 300 acs. North- 
umberland Co., Mar. 26, 1695, Page 
147. Part of the Dodson 1,200 acre 
patent, as above noted. The sd. 300 
acs. adj. Mr. Garlington & Thomas 
Brewer. Conveyed as above. 

Northumberland Co., Mar. 227, 1695, 
Page 148. Part of Dodson's 1,200 acre 
patent & conveyed as above noted. Beg. 
at a red oak dividing this from land of 
Ebenezer Sanders. 

THOMAS HAYDON, 100 acs. 
Northumberland Co., Mar. 27, 1695, 
Page 150. Part of Dodson's 1,200 acr. 
patent & conveyed as above. Beg. at 
Francis Cursome, thence to a hickory 
dividing same from land of Thomas 

Mar. 27, 1695, Page 151. Beg. upon 

the S. side of Wiccomoco River, at a 
hickory dividing same from land of 
Christopher Garlington & running S. 
& W. to land of Dr. Sanders. Granted 
sd. Salisbury by deed dated Oct. 27, 

Mar. 27, 1695, Page 152. Beg. N. & 
N. W. upon a swamp dividing this from 
land of William Griffin & S. E. upon 
Christopher Garlington. 


Northumberland Co., Mar. 27, 1695, 
Page 152. John Barber died seized of 
sd. land which was presented for es- 
cheat by Thomas Gascome, who assigned 
same to Ezekial Genesis, Apr. 5, 1674, 
who bequeathed same by will to sd. 
Hudnell, who desires grant in his name. 
Beg. at the head of Henry Wicker's 
land & along land of John Hulett. 

1695, page 154. Beg. at the end of 
John Tarpley's line in the mouth of a 
branch issuing out of Totaskey Mill 
pond, along land formerly granted to 
Henry Corbin, to a creek parting same 
from land of William Gubton. 

WILLIAM CHAMP, Apr. 4, 1695, 
page 154. Beg. at the head of Mat- 
thew Martin's land, running by a path 
that goes to Samuel Jackson & George 
Calvert & along land of John Champ. 

Apr. 4, 1695, Page 155. Bounded up- 
on land of Thomas Chatwin & John 

WILLIAM ROGERS, 500 acs., Page 
156. (No date). Beg. near the head 
of a swamp formerly called Chettwood 
Swamp, crossing the swamp to Col. 
Matthew Kemp's line & running near 
the head of a branch called White 
Marsh. Formerly granted to Thomas 
Chettwood by patent dated July 9, 1667, 
who sold same to Major Edward Duke, 
given to his daughter now the wife of 
William Rogers, & for want of seating 

RANDALL KERK, orphan of Randall 
Kerk, 254 acs. Apr. 5, 1695, Page 157. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Beg. in the fork of a branch issuing out 
of Nomeney may called Corriwoman. 

JOHN SHAW, 50 acs., Lancaster 
Co., Apr. 9, 1695, Page 158. Peter 
Godson died without heirs & not dis- 
posing of same by will, sd. land being 
in White Chapell Parish was presented 
for escheat by John Shaw. Beg. on the 
N. W. side of a creek formerly called 
Powell Cr. by the edge of a field where 
sd. Shaw now lives, & near land of 
Ambrose Bonfeilds. Being part of a 
patent granted unto William dated Feb. 
11, 1663. 

THOMAS MARDAR, 243 acs., May 
15, 1695, Page 159. Beg. on the S. side 
of Attopin Bruer dam, being a corner 
tree of land claimed by Daniel White 
& William Battrop, on the N. side of a 
path that goes from Lawrance Washing- 
ton's Mill to Nanjatico, then N. by W. 
down a line dividing this from land of 
the orphan of Thomas Rowland. 

RICHARD DUNCON, 150 acs., May 
15, 1695, Page 159. Near land of Wil- 
liam Baltrop & Francis Grege. 

WILLIAM BENNETT, 100 acs., May 
17, 1695, Page 160. Beg. upon the N. 
W. branch above the horse bridge, along 
land formerly Capt. Alexander's. 

RICHARD OLDHAM, 350 acs., May 

22, 1695, Page 160. Beg. at corner tree 
of John Adams & Thomas Timons, to a 
small branch falling into the Trickohoe 
Swamp, near Michael Melton & along 
Maratico road. 

OLDHAM, 591 acs., May 22, 1695, 
Page 161. "Beg. at a marked corner 
hickory tree to James More Sometime 
Anthony Lynson" (or Synson), extend- 
ing to a branch of Yeocomoco, to Moro- 
tico road, W. upon a branch of Tokoss- 
key called the reedy branch & near a 
branch below Stephen Well's dwelling 

RICHARD NEVETT, 449 acs., May 

23, 1695, Page 163. Be^. at the head 
of a br. of the little creek called Burbe- 

ges Cr., running E. over the main road 
by the White Marsh, by a branch of 

May 25, 1695, Page 163. Beg. at a 
corner tree dividing this from land of 
Richard Brown & Thomas Butler, 
formerly taken up by Thomas Therwitt, 
extending S. W. over a swamp. 

HURIAH ANGELL, 212 acs. Lan- 
caster Co., Christ Church Parish, May 
27, 1695, Page 164. Abihah Bonison, 
an alien, died seized of 1,200 acs. and 
could leave no heir nor dispose thereof 
by will, Thomas Bonison, son of the sd. 
Abiah Bonnison, presented same to es- 
cheat & prayed to be admitted tenant. 
Sd. Thomas conveyed 212 acs. part to 
sd. Angell by deed dated Sept. 7, 1682. 
Beg. in John Pinkars line, running by 
the mill road, extending near Thomas 
Banton, E. S. E. through John Hashleys 
cornfield & to a corner of Thomas Mar- 

THOMAS MARTIN, 204 acs, part 
of Abiah Bonnison's patent of 1,300 
acs. in Christ Church Parish, Lancaster 
Co, & sold to him by Thomas Bonni- 
son, July 10, 1682. Beg. at corner of 
Major Bristow & on the S. S. W. side 
of the road that leads to old Ashleys 
dwelling house & down Tabbs Cr. May 
7, 1695, P. 166. 

WELL^ 100 acs, part of 1,300 ac. 
patent in the name of Abiah Binnison, 
and conveyed same as above. Beg. on 
the S. side of a great swamp issing out 
of the head of Haddoways Cr, & near 
land of Robert Griggs. May 7, 1695, 
Page 167. 

JOHN HARRIS, 100 acs. N. upon 
the main branch of Wiccomoco River, E. 
upon Charles Walton, S. upon William 
& Walter Albin & W. upon Dennis 
Connoway. June 7, 1695, Page 168. 

JOHN HARRIS, 350 acs, E. upon 
the S. E. branch of Wiccomoco, N. W. 
upon Reedy Branch & S. on land former- 
ly belonging to John Palmer. June 7, 
1695, Page 169. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

JOHN HAYNIE, SR., 80 acs. at land 
of Peter Presley, S. towards land former- 
ly belonging to Geruard Dodson & E. 
towards land of Richard Nelmes, deed 
& by a branch of Chingoham Cr. June 
7, 1695, Page 169. 

ANTHONY HAYNIE, 300 acs., 
bounded N. W. upon land formerly be- 
longing to John Chandler, deed., N. E. 
upon Coy. John Frussell & Geraurd 
Dodson, both deed., E. upon land 
patented by Richard Russell, deed., S. 
W. upon John Haynie, Sr. & John 
Hughlett, Sr., W. by N. near the mouth 
of Coane Mill Cr. & N. on the head of 
Chickacoane River. June 7, 1695, Page 

MEREDITH PRICE, 378 acs, beg. 
in the line of Samuel Reed & near Wil- 
liam Howell. June 8, 1695, Page 170. 

MEREDITH PRICE, 67 acs, beg. on 
Attopin dam side, extending S. E. to 
the main Nanjattico path & W. N. W. 
to Nicholas Sexeston's line. June 8, 
1695, Page 171. 

Westmoreland Co, upon the N. side of 
Nominy River. No date. Page 171. 
Part of a patent granted to Henry Vin- 
cent, dated 1662, who, by his will, de- 
vised in fee to John Lord, Merchant, of 
sd. county, who conveyed to Oliver 
Griffin, by deed, from whom it des- 
cended to his son & heir Francis Griffin, 
who possessed thereor & being a minor 
could not sell or dispose of same by 
will, whereupon sd. Fitzhugh, for want 
of heirs of sd. Griffin, prays to be ad- 
mitted tenant. 

JOHN ENGOE, 300 acs, beg. at 
land of Josias Draper near the Mecho- 
tick path, & near land conveyed to sd. 
Draper by James Fox. July 16, 1695, 
Page 175. 

beg. at redoak in the line of John 
Minor, towards Richard Sturman, near 
the main road side, corner to Edward 
Francklin, N. W. to Patrick Spence & 
near Minors Spring at the Court House 
in the line of sd. Spence. July 15, 1695, 
Page 175. 

PHILIP SHAPLEIGH, 80 acs, beg. 
N. on the main branch of Herring Cr, 
E. on land of Ralph Warrington, S. on 
land of Thomas Hobson & W. upon 
land of John Bearmore. July 15, 1695, 
Page 176. 

VILLE, 200 acs. in Northumberland 
Co, upon Mattopany River, bounded S. 
upon a branch of sd. river dividing this 
from land of Jane Pavery, Widow. 
About 1652 Richard Walker died seized 
of this land & leaving no heirs the same 
was presented for escheat. 

WILLIAM SMITH. 135 acs, beg. at 
a corner tree of Mr. Syson & land sur- 
veyed for Thomas Robinson & Edward 
Lewis, thence to land of Thomas Pewis, 
extending N. E. to George Bryer's line. 
July 22, 1695, Page 177. 

GEORGE BRENT, 200 acs, beg. at 
Edward Saunders' Mill, ext. S. W. of 
land of Robert Wright bought of Capt. 
George Mason. July 26, 1695, Page 


131 acs, beg. at a white oak standing in 
a swamp which divides this from land 
of Capt. William Hardidge, deed, cor- 
ner to land surveyed for Nicholas Sil- 
vester in Bettys Neck, & near land of 
Thomas Crane. July 2, 1695, Page 172. 

JOHN HAWFORD, 159 acs, Julv 
5, 1695, Page 173. 

HENRY THORNTON, 159 acs, July 
5, 1695, Page 174. 

JOHN SIMPSON, 217 acs, beg. at 
George Brent's corner tree, to George 
Mason's corner. July 26, 1695, Page 

JOHN SIMPSON. 200 acs.. beg. at 
the dividing line with Lewis Griffin & 
his own land, towards Major Haston's 
line & along Battin's line. July 27, 
1695, Page 179. 

LEWIS GRIFFIE, 205 acs.. beg. at 
John Owens' corner, along his own land, 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Simpson & Battin to Mary Webb's cor- 
ner. July 27, 1695, Page 180. 

ANGELO JACOBUS, of Richmond 
Co., 454 acs., beg. at corner of Henry 
Strishton, thence to John Chistier & to 
line of patented granted James William- 
son, dec'd. July 30, 1695, Page 181. 

ANGELO JACOBUS, 190 acs., beg. 
at a white oak between this & land of 
Richard Metalph in the Claws, extend- 
ing to land of William Smith, thence 
S. E. to land of the Orphans of Col. 
Moore Frankleroy, to John Hawford, 
George Eale & near William Yeatter's 
house. July 30, 1695, Page 181. 

Staff. Co., Aug. 30, 1695, Page 183. 
Whereas Edward Prescott, of Staff. Co., 
died seized of this land, without heirs 
or having disposed of same by will, the 
sd. Elizabeth, widow of Nic. Burnard, 
presented same for escheat. 

WILLIAM TAYLOR, 184 acs. Rich- 
mond Co., Aug. 16, 1695, Page 183. 
Beg. upon land of Robert Peck, Peter 
Butler & son. 

JOHN BURY, 91^4 acs., beg. at a 
stump of Thomas Arnold, formerly a 
corner tree of James Green, along old 
bounds of Proster & Chuttwood, near 
land of Simson & Henry Bury, by main 
branch of Chingateague. Aug. 16, 1695, 
Page 184. 

ISAAC ALERTON, 600 acs., beg. at 
the point of a small creek opposite to 
the Dogges Island, thence to a cr. divid- 
ing this from land of William Harris 
& Thomas Carter, thence to land of 
Robert Collingwood. Aug. 31, 1695, 
Page 185. 

ELIAS HUGHER, 49 acs. Westmore- 
land Co., Sept. 2, 1695, Page 185. Beg. 
on the N. W. side of a branch dividing 
this from land surveyed for Mary Stock- 
man, thence to land of John Davice. 

BROWN, 590 acs. Westmoreland Co., 
Sept. 7, 1695, Page 186. Formerly 

f ranted to William Smith, of sd. county, 
y patent dated Apr. 7, 1667, who be- 

queathed same by will dated Dec. 30, 
1671, to his daughter Elizabeth, "who 
being thereof possessed, died without 
heir or disposing the same, by means 
whereof the said land escheats to us 
(the Proprs.) and Samuel Read who 
married the widow of the said Smith 
and Daniel Brown who married Eliza- 
beth the daughter of the said Smith 
presents the same to escheat." Beg. at 
a point called the wading place, opposite 
land of Capt. John Washington, to land 
formerly belonging to Thomas Moulton, 
crossing a run to land of Mr. Pope. 

THOMAS WATKINS, 803 acs. Staff. 
Co., Sept. 9, 1695, page 187. Beg. at 
corner tree of Capt. Malach. Peal's first 
tract & running to sd. Peale's second 

JOHN BALL, 221 acs. Staff. Co., 
Aug. 9, 1695, Page 188. Beg. at land 
of Thomas Stafford & William Pence 
on the N. branch of Little Hunting Cr., 
thence to Jonathan Motheshead, to Capt. 
George Brent, thence E. to plantation of 
Thomas Thompson. 

THOMAS CRAINE, 238 acs. West- 
moreland Co., Sept. 9, 1695, Page 189. 
Beg. near land of William Mozely & 
Ed. Washington, towards head of 
Coryoman main branch, by land of 
Nicholas Silvester to a branch dividing 
this from land of Phil. Saunders. 

Westmoreland Co., Sept. 9, 1695, Page 
190. Beg. at corner tree of William 
Harding "by inheritance" & extending 
to Mrs. Katherine Brent. Being part of 
a patent granted to Richard Steman, 

GEORGE SMITH, 270 acs. Staff. 
Co., Sept. 13, 1695, Page 191. Extend- 
ing along Doges run & including an 
island in the sd. run. 

Northumberland Co., Sept. 18, 1695, 
Page 191. Upon the E. side of Phil. 
Norgatt's house, extending to a corner 
tree dividing this from land of Thomas 
Harding, near head of Mattopany, & 
upon the N. W. side of John Bird's 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Abbott,, Christo. 234, 236; Saml. 242, 

Acreland, Tho. 251. 
Adams, John 240, 251; Tho. 246. 

Aden, Hugh 232. 

Atkins, Jno. 232. 

Adkinson, Mat. 232; Tho. 232; Wm. 

Age, Hugh 241. 

Aimes, John 254. 

Albin, Walter, Wm. 257. 

Aldersey, Grace 240; Richd. 255, 256. 

Alerton, Isaac 254. 

Alexander, Capt. 257. 

Allen, Grego. 241; Hugh 236, 239, 
249; James 238; Mary 253. 

Allenby, Wm. 247. 

Alleson, Wm. 246. 

Allington, Giles 235. 

Allinsworth, John 236. 

Alsopp, Henry 250. 

Ambrose, Eliza 239. 

Amore, Hamurt 235. 

Anderson, Fran. 241; John 252; Tho. 

Andrews, Garrett 239; John 252; Rich- 
ard 230, 241; Wm. 238. 

Angell, Huriah 257. 

Arrowsmith, Tho. 255. 

Archer, John 239- 

Arey, Robt. 240. 

Armestead, Wm. 240. 

Arnold, Thos. 259; Wm. 239. 

Arthur, James 237, 247. 

Arundell, John 232. 

Ashbifoote, John 236. 

Ashcomb, John Jr. 240; Winifrid 240. 

Ashley, Christo. 241. 

Ashton, John 241. 

Asselbie, Eliz. 236. 

Aston, Thos. 241; Walter 240. 

Atkins, Antho. 246. 

Attock, Nazar. 240. 

Atwack, Jacob 253. 

Auston, Walter 240; Richd. 250. 


Babe, Thos. 240. 
Bacock, Tho. 239. 
Badger, Ann 252. 
Bagnoll, Jas. 242. 

Baker, Francis 246. 

Baker, John 232, 233; Lawr. 231. 

Balfe, Oliver 246. 

Baldwin, Chas. 245. 

Baldwin, John 253. 

Ball, Joane 230; John 259. 

Ejamfeild, John 252. 

Bandwick, John 252. 

Banister, Wm. 233. 

Banson, Peter 246. 

Banton, Thos. 257. 

Barbage, Thos. 241. 

Barbeard, Wm. 244. 

Barbar, Fra. 247. 

Barber, John 256; Wm. 252. 

Barcroft, Chas. 241; Eliz. 241. 

Bare, Xpher. 229. 

Barington, Fra. 246. 

Barke, Henry 239. 

Barkeley, Mary 241. 

Barker, Christo. 250; John 252. 

Barlo, John 251. 

Barlowe, Ralph 235. 

Barnard, Elizabeth 259. 

Barrington, Wm. 229. 

Barnes, Ann 240. 

Barret, Wm. 250, 251. 

Bartlett, Richard 235. 

Bartholomewe, Hen. 241. 

Bashaw, Giles 245. 

Bassett, Thos. 236. 

Batchelor, Wm. 252. 

Bateman, Pers. 239. 

Battle, Mathew 245. 

Battrop, Wm. 257. 

Batt, Wm. 253. 

Batts, Wm. 250. 

Baugh, John 232. 

Bayles, John 252. 

Bayley, Tho. 235; Rob. 253. 

Bestwicke, Attwell 232. 

Bereman, Edw. 232. 

Best, Thos. 241. 

Benfeilds, Ambrose 257. 

Bennett, Wm. 257; Alice 251; Phillip 

251; Robt. 251; Richard 242. 
Belcher, Walt. 234. 
Bercher, Geo. 234. 
Bell, Javis 230; Richard 250; John 

246, 253; Richard 248. 
Bearmore, John 258. 
Bernes, Richard 240. 
Bemberry, John 239. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Berton, Wm. 239- 

Berwicke, Wm. 250. 

Benton, John 252. 

Berry, Lydia 252. 

Berriman, Wm. 245. 

Beard, Mary 245. 

Beare, Wm. 245. 

Berryman, Wm. 245. 

Berryman, Wm. 245. 

Berrie, Henry 254. 

Bennison, Eliza 246. 

Beadly, Henry 246. 

Becker, Martin 249. 

Bentley, Wm. 235. 

Bernard, Thos. 225. 

Bigg, Elinor 252. 

Bighill, John 241. 

Bilbey, Jon. 241. 

Binnison, Abiah 251. 

Bishop, Henry 240. 

Bisshop, Henry 240. 

Bisole, James 245. 

Bird, John 259. 

Blackey, Wm. 244. 

Blackman, Eliza 252; Jeremy 239. 

Blagg, Thos. 254. 

Blanch, Thos. 246. 

Bland, Edw. 236, 245, 250; Eliza. 245; 

Ja. 245. 
Blend, John 243. 
Blore, John 235. 

Boardman, Osmond 253. 

Boath, Eliza 246; Mary 250. 

Boathes, Abra. 242. 

Body, Robt. 253. 

Boke, Martin 236. 

Bolton, Richard 235. 

Boore, Richard 229. 

Boniday, Wm. 241. 

Bonison, Thos. 257. 

Bonner, Thos. 247. 

Bonnison, Abiah 257; Thos. 257. 

Borne, Thos. 252. 

Boswell, Tho. 245. 

Bosswell, Thos. 245. 

Bourne, Robt. 242; Tho. 252; Wm. 254. 

Bouth, Robt. 253. 

Bowden, Phillip 239. 

Boyce, Christo. 232, 234. 

Bradley, Henry 235, 239, 243. 

Bradford, Nicho. 248. 

Bradshaw, Wm. 246. 

Branch, John 235. 

Braw, Robt. 249. 

Brent, Geo. 258; John, Katherine 259. 

Brewer, Tho. 237, 256. 

Brewster, Richard 248. 

Bruster, Antho. 239. 

Brice, Robt. 246; Sarah 236; Thos. 236, 

Bridges, Ann 239; Eliza 233. 
Brightmon, Hen. 252. 
Bristow, Thos. 236. 
Brise, Thos. 231. 

Broach, John 242, 246, 248, 250, 253. 
Broadfeild, Ann 253. 
Brocas, W. 235; Wm. 235. 
Bromfeild, Marke 239. 
Brook, Henry 236; Jno. 239. 
Brooke, Chas. 242; Henry 242; Nicho. 
242; Tho. 233; Wm. 229; John 
247; Richard 230. 
Brow, Weston 233. 
Brough, Margery 243. 
Broughton, Thos. 246. 
Brown, Alice 250; Daniel 259; Debora 
244; Eliza. 244; Ellis 232; Henry 
230, 235; John 238, 239; Maxfeild 
250; Nicholas 232, 250; Patience 
252; Richard 251; Robt. 240; 
Thos. 241, 245 ; Ursula 238 ; Wm. 
244, 255. 
Browning, John, Wm. 243. 
Bruse, James 238, 239. 
Bryan, Edw. 239; Richard 255; Tho. 

250, Xtopr. 246. 
Bryer, George 258. 
Buckland, Richard 239. 
Buckley, Arth. 241. 
Buckmaster, John 229. 
Buderhill, Edw. 251. 
Bullard, Henry 232. 
Bunberry, John 255; Wm. 254, 255. 
Bunyon, George 242. 
Burdett, Chastene 246. 
Burgen, Evan 230. 
Burgis, John 249. 
Burk, Anna 245. 
Burnett, Samll. 229. 
Burrell, Elizabeth 231; Wm. 231. 
Burrough, Roger 245. 
Burtonwood, Wm. 246. 
Burton, Bryan 236. 
Burwell, Elizabeth 246; Geo. 246; 

Lewis 246; Wm. 246. 
Bury, Henry 254, 255; John 259; Sim- 
son 259. 
Butler, John 249; Peter 259; Thos. 
Buxton, Robt. 
Byrd, Robert 243. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Cade, Walter 249. 

Cakebread, Tho. 253. 

Calcup, Bridget 241. 

Caldwell, Robt. 239. 

Calton, Thomas 243. 

Calvert, Jeorge 233, 256. 

Camblett, Robt. 246. 

Cannon, Ann; Edw. 244. 

Caps, Robt. 239. 

Carr, Wm. 

Carter, Barb. 253; John 231; Thos. 259; 

Wm. 240, 242, 245. 
Cassey, John 240; Nacha. 240. 
Castle, Robt. 250. 
Casvert, Br. 230. 
Causey, Natha. 240. 
Cawsey, John 240. 
Ceely, Francis 252; Thos. 249. 
Challis, Edw. 230. 
Chambers, James 243. 
Chambedlayne, Robt. 254. 
Champs, John 256; Wm. 256. 
Chandler, John 232, 258. 
Chanter, Job. 253. 
Chaplin, John 243. 
Chapman, Pascoe 233; Richard 233; 

Wm. 235. 
Charlton, Bridgett 233. 
Chatwin, Thos. 256. 
Cheetwood, Thos. 256. 
Chewning, Geo. 251. 
Chick, Hugh 250. 
Chilman, Nicho. 240. 
Chinley, John 252. 
Chowinge, Geo. 230. 
Christier, John 259. 
Christmas, Dictoris 249. 
Church, Thos. 239. 
Churchill, Samuell 257. 
Cicks, James 229. 
Claiborne, Eliz. 240; Wm. 230, 237, 

240, 252. 
Clarke, Ann 251; Eliz. 236; John 231, 

244, 248, 253; Richard 235; Robt. 

Claus, Thos. 250. 
Clave, Phillip 250. 
Clay, Thos. 244. 
Clements, Amey 229. 
Clements, Ezekiell, Jeremiah 229. 
Clerke, Richard 235. 
Clifton, Mady 246. 
Cloyd, Henry 252. 
Cluly, Nicho. 21. 
Cobb, Thos. 241. 

Cock, Edward 252; Wm. 252. 

Cockett, James 235. 

Cole, Dorothy 237; John 236; Tho. 

Colemand, Antho. 251. 
Colewell, Elias 241. 
Colles, Richard 231. 
Collier, Henry 252. 
Collins, John 241; Richard 239. 
Collingwood, Robt. 259. 
Collowes, Step. 233. 
Colvert, John 233. 
Comandres, John 252. 
Conjers, Thos. 247. 
Conaway, Edwyn 231. 
Comely, Lloyd 233. 
Connoway, Dennis 257; Edwyn 233. 
Copeland, Christo. 245. 
Cookes, Geo. 234. 
Cooke, James 246. 
Cooper, John 252; Justinian 233; Thos. 

241, 243; Richard 252. 
Cootes, John 250. 
Convirs 234. 
Coram, Eliz. 241. 
Corbin, Hen. 240, 256. 
Corbitt, Garret 250. 
Corhoon, Cor. 233. 
Corker, John 251. 
Corraway, Joane 230. 
Cattan, Samll. 251. 
Coventon, Nehemiah 244. 
Cowell, Eliz. 233. 
Cowley, Wm. 239. 

Cox, Sam. 254; Symon 246; Simon 255. 
Coxe, Hugh 240. 
Cracker, Tho. 240. 
Craddock, Lieut. 
CrafTord, Martin 241. 
Crafton, Thos. 236, 237. 
Craine, Thos. 259. 
Crane, Thos. 258. 
Crawford, Wm. 252. 
Creadell, Eady 253. 
Crew, Randall 251. 
Cripps, Zachary 233. 
Crookneck, Nico. 246. 
Croshawe, Joseph 241, 248. 
Croshaw, Jos. 252. 
Culpeper, Jno. 246. 
Curraway, John 231. 
Curret, Mich. 240. 
Cursome, Francis 256. 
Curtis, Alice 253; Joane 253. 


Dale, Eliz. 238; Thos. 238; Walter 237. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Daley, James 242. 

Daniell, Edw. 231; John 252. 

Darling, Dorothy 241. 

Dareing, Richd. 250. 

Dasvie, John 236. 

Daton, Marg. 246. 

Davenport, Randal 254. 

Davis, Ann 229; Griffeth 245; Henry 

239; John 241, 245, 246, 248; 

Justin 252; Nicho. 252; Rice 250; 

Richard 229, 251; Sam. 240; Thos. 

232, 234, 237, 238, 239; Wm. 236, 

Davice, John 259. 
Davys, John 240. 
Daynes, Wm. 235. 
Dawbee, Nicho. 236. 
Death, Richard 244. 
Debar, Peter 242. 
Delamde, Mareen 230. 
Delke, Alice 236. 
Denham, Thos. 229. 
Denwood, Lenning 239; Levinge 238. 
Dera, Sarah 246. 
Devnes, Phillis 235; Wm. 235. 
Dickinson, Andrew 237; Jeremy 234; 

Wm. 232. 
Dickson, Christian 239; Richard 239. 
Dickeson, Jeremiah 234. 
Dicks, Edw. 252. 
Diggs, Richard 232. 
Diminge, Richd. 252. 
Ditch, Andrew 233. 
Dodson, Geruard 258; Thos. 256. 
Dolson, Andrew 253. 
Domellaws, Richard 234. 
Dorman, John 246. 
Dorsey, Edw. 245. 
Dorwin, Tho. 245. 
Douse, Barbara 253. 
Dowen, Robt. 246. 
Dowglass, Edw. 238. 
Downing, Wm. 241. 
Draper, Josias 258. 
Drew, Edward 244, 245. 
Druit, Wm. 252. 
Drumond, Wm. 251. 
Ducket, John 246. 
Duke, Edw. 256; Geo. 246. 
Duncon, Richard 257. 
Dunery, John 252. 
Dunton, Thos. 243. 
Durant, Richard 234. 
Durrant, Richard 237. 
Dutch, Robt. 232. 
Dyer, Jno. 239. 

Earle, John 237. 

Easter, John 255. 

Eaton, Natha. 248. 

Ebbell, Eliz. 251. 

Eberomy, Gartwrogh 250. 

Edgcomb, John 237. 

Edlowe, Mathew 230. 

Edmunds, Samuell 234. 

Edwards, Alice 246; Dorothy 250; John 

248, 255; Mary 242; Walter 252; 

Wm. 232, 235, 250, 251. 
Egberow, Wm. 245. 
Elam, Robt. 232. 
Elletson, Percivall 234. 
Ellins, Bridgett 252. 
Elliott, Anthony 230; Lewis 250. 
Ellis, John 233, 245; Peter 241. 
Ellit, Richard 230. 
Ells, Peter 237. 
Elwood, Jno. 232. 
Ellyott, Antho. 233. 
Emarson, Thos. 235. 
Emeroy, Lydia 245. 
Engard, Chas. 242. 
Engoe, John 258. 
Epps, Wm. 238; Capt. 240. 
Esgrame, John 229. 
Ethell, Tho. 236. 
Etheridge, Thos. 248. 
Evand, Willm. 232. 
Evans, James 249; Lucy 245; Mary 253; 

Tho. 233. 
Evelin, Mary 246. 
Everard, Thos. 241. 
Evers, John 233. 
Ewen, Wm. 250. 
Eyres, Robt. 252; Wm. 229. 


Fabian, Gilbert 237. 

Falkner, Thomas 235. 

Fantleroy, George 230; Moore 229. 

Farlo, Joice 250. 

Farrar, Anna 245. 

Farror, John 252. 

Farrow, Abra. 254. 

Fauntleroy, Moore 254. 

Fawkner, Thos. 231. 

Feathergill, Chris. 252. 

Feeton, Nicho. 250. 

Feild, Danll. 251. 

Fells, John 232. 

Fennan, Nicho. 246. 

Fentrice, Ro. 232. 

Fitts, Cary 252. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Fisher, Sarah 233. 

Fitchett, John 251. 

Fitch, Mary 239. 

Fitzhugh, Wm. 255, 258. 

Fixmus, Richard 231. 

Flaxton, Jno. 250. 

Fleet, Henry 251; Jno. 239. 

Fletcher, Jno. 241. 

Flint, Richard 239. 

Flinton, Pharoah 235. 

Fludd, Francis 246; John 251. 

Flower, John 234. 

Flowerday, Eliza 231. 

Floyd, Arth. 241. 

Flyne, John 244. 

Ford, Gerrard 255. 

Foster, Henry 243; James 238; John 

248; Pemett 252; Wm. 250. 
Fowke, Wm. 236. 
Fowler, Antonia 230; Francis 230. 
Fox, James 258. 
Foxmond, Edm. 250. 
Fosly, Mary 246. 
Franchiss, Thomas 241. 
Francis, Mary 253. 
Francklin, Edward 258. 
Frankleroy, Moore 259. 
Francklind, Ann 229. 
Freebody, John 243. 
Freeland, Wm. 232. 
Freeman, Wm. 232, 237, 244. 
Freere, Tobias 241. 
Frith, Henry 244. 
Frussell, John 258. 

Gabrell, Thos. 250. 

Gailaird, Ann 256; James 256. 

Galloway, Mary 241 ; Richard 240. 

Gardiner, John 255. 

Garwood, John 243, 241. 

Garlington, Christo. 256. 

Garner, Ann 250. 

Garnett, Wm. 250. 

Garret, Eliza 248; John 239, 243, 247, 

249; Tho. 247. 
Gascomb, Thos. 256. 
Gastrey, Tho. 241. 
Gaynes, Tho. 251. 
Gayny, Wm. 245. 
Gayton, John 248. 
Gee, Edw. 230. 
Gelding, Eliz. 253. 
George, GrifTeth 250. 
Genesis, Ezekial. 
Gerford, John 239. 

Gibson, Thos. 248, 249, 250; Robt. 249. 
Gilbert, Geo. 230; Roger 253; Sam. 

240; Thos. 233. 
Gill, Stephen 253. 
Gills, Jonathan 245. 
Glascock, Thos. 256. 
Gobert, Jos. 250. 
Gobby, Ann 247. 
Godby, Thos. 235, 247. 
Godfrey, John 233. 
Godson, Peter 257. 
Godwin, Jno. 241. 
Goffe, Richd. 232; Thos. 254. 
Gold, Robt. 245. 
Goldsmith, Richard 245. 
Goodcross, James 240. 
Goodriffe, Grace 252. 
Gookins, John 244. 
Gare, Robt. 252. 
Goulson, Danll. 241. 
Granger, Nicholas 244. 
Graves, Chr. 244 ; Edm. 241 ; John 249. 
Graye, Francis 255. 
Greborne, Henry 252. 
Green, Edmond 241; James 254; John 

249, 250; Judith 250; Ralph 253; 

Thos. 250; David 250. 
Grege, Francis 257. 
Gregorie, Tho. 236. 
Gregory, Thos. 236, 237. 
Grey, Thos. 251. 
Griggs, Robt. 257, 252. 
Grigson, Richard 237; Richard 249. 
GrifTeth, Tho. 244. 
Griffen, Ann 252; Francis 258; John 

255; Lewis 254, 258; Mary 229; 

Oliver 258; Wm. 256. 
Griffith, Tho. 236. 
Grindall, Edw. 243. 
Groose, Samuel 245. 
Gubton, Wm. 256. 
Guest, Geo. 247. 
Guinns, Leonard 249. 
Gwillum, Geo. 249. 
Gullis, John 236. 
Gurgunye, Edw. 232. 
Gutt, Henry 233. 
Guttridge, Peter 246. 
Guy, John 248. 


Hack, Geo. N. 254. 
Hacker, John 234. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Haines, Robt. 236; Richd. 232. 

Hales, Geo. 254. 

Hall, David, Edm. 246; Edw. 242, 244; 
Eliza 246; Fra. 250; Geo. 246, 249, 
253; Hum. 244; Peter 241, 250; 
Susan 241 ; Thos. 248. 

Hamon, Marke 240. 

Hammon, Peter 256. 

Hamond, Thos. 243. 

Hampton, Thos. 230, 240, 244; Wm. 
237, 240. 

Hand, Robt. 242. 

Handley, Wm. 250. 

Hanshorne, Henry 244. 

Harber, Fra. 244. 

Harden, Ja. 246. 

Harding, Thos. 259; Wm. 259. 

Hardidge, Wm. 258. 

Hardey, Geo. 250, 251; John 241. 

Hargraves, Abra. 246. 

Harmer, Chas. 231; Eliz. 231. 

Harmon, Wm. 246. 

Harris, Israeli 241; John 242, 257, 258; 
Richard 229; Thos. 241, 251; Wm. 
246, 259. 
Harrison, Benj. 234, 239; Fra. 229, 231, 

246; Robt. 244; Thos. 233. 
Harsey, Stephen 244. 
Harson, Walter 241. 
Hart ,Henry 250, 251; Thos. 249, 250, 

Hartwell, John 241; John 253. 
Harwell, Richard 257. 
Harrowell, Rich. 257. 
Harwood, Robt. 253; Thos. 243. 
Hastin, Jno. 246. 
Haskley, John 257. 
Haston, Major 258. 
Hatcher, Tho. 
Hatfeild, Wm. 239, 251. 
Haward, Ben. 242. 
Hawford, John 258, 259. 
Hawis, Reynold 233. 
Hawley, James 242. 
Hawkins, Henry 251; John 249. 
Haydon, Thos. 256. 
Hayle, Nicho. 233. 
Havnes, Geo. 232. 
Haynie, Antho. 258; John 258. 
Heakley, Henry 246; Mary 246. 
Heath, Mary 244; Thos. 236, 237, 244. 
Heather, Richd. 248. 
Hebbard, Wm. 255. 
Hely, Walter 232. 
Henman, Jno. 246. 
Henson, Joseph 255. 

Herrick, Ann, Henry 230. 

Hewes, Wm. 243. 

Hewitt, John 249 ; Richd. 246. 

Heynes, Richard 243 

Higbie, Edmd. 236. 

Higginson, Peter 245; Humph. 234 

235, 252. 
Hill, Ann, Barbery 250; Chas. 232 

Edw. 249; Geo. 245; Henry 250 

Jhon 229, 247, 250; Nicho. 249 

Thos. 235, 247, 249, 250; Wm. 

229, 257. 
Hinde, Wm. 249. 
Hinshaw, Tho. 241. 
Hinson, Tho. 237. 
Hixams, Robt. 246. 
Hobson, John 241; Robt. 239; Thos. 

Hockaday, Wm. 242. 
Hofe, Fra. 241. 
Holloway, John 233. 
Holder, Wm. 249. 
Hollis, Thos. 241. 
Holmes, David 246; Eliza 250; Fran. 

252; Marg. 253; John 241; Thos. 

Holse, Wm. 253. 

Holt, Edw. 250; Matt. 233; Susan 240. 
Hopkins, Richard 244. 
Hornesby, John 255. 
Horsey, Howard 239; Steph. 245. 
Horton, Robt. 246. 
Hoskins, Barthol. 252; Richd. 253. 
Houlder, John 249. 
How, Jane 246. 
Howard, Francis 237. 
Howell, Wm. 258. 
Huckley, John 231. 
Hudnell, Partain 256. 
Hudson, Mathew 250; Geo. 252; Tho. 

Hues, John 247. 
Huggett, Casar 243. 
Hughes, Elias 259; Geo. 236. 
Hughlett, John 258. 
Hulett, John 256. 
Humpries, Jo. 231. 
Hunt, ohn 252; Rudulph 235; Ralph 

239, 249. 
Hunter, Richard 245. 
Huntington, Andrew 232. 
Huse, John 251. 
Hussey, David 250. 
Hutchinson, Robt. 242, 251. 
Hux, Alexr. 250. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

lego, Aicho. 239. 
Ingleton, Jacob 239. 
Ingrame, John 234, 249. 

Jacob, Richard 240; Wm. 239, 243, 244. 

Jacobus, Angelo 259. 

Jackson, Ann 244; James 233; Richard 

241; Saml. 256; Wm. 246, 236. 
James, Anthony 242; Francis 254; 

Michael 232. 
Jefferson, Alice 252; John 243, 252. 
Jennings, John 253. 

Jenkins, Danll. 229; Sibella 246; Wal- 
ter 256. 
Jenkin, John 245. 
Jerman, David 237. 
Johnson, Abra. 241; Christo. 239; Danl. 

242; John 251; Marke 233; Steph. 

236; Thos. 238, 245, 239, 243; 

Wm. 242, 251. 
Jolly, Fran. 252; Licha 252; John 252; 

Thos. 236. 
Johns, Jacob 240; Richard 240; Roger 

Jones, Ann 241; Antho. 234; David 

242; Giles 249; Hester 231 ; Henry 

240; Isaac 229, 246; James 245; 

John 246, 247; Morian 242; Richd. 

237, 253; Robt. 236; Wm. 247, 

233, 249; Thos. 252; Winifrid 241. 
Jorden, Abbigall 250; Tho. 232. 
Jordin, Saml. 232. 
Jordan, Thos. 237, 238, 248. 
Jurden, Thos. 247. 
Joynes, Thos. 242. 
Judson, John 248. 
Jurnew, Nicho. 241, 244. 

Kay, James 255. 

Keelding, Thos. 249. 

Kemp, Matthew 256; Secretart 234; 

Richard 233, 235. 
Keth, Geo. 239. 
Key, James 254; Thos. 253. 
Kidd, Tho. 252. 
Killicke, Jane 249. 
King, Geo. 254, 255; Henry 239; James 

232; John 230, 239, 250, 241; 

Sarah 243. 
Kingsland, Nathan 253. 
Kirk, Randall 256. 
Kingswell, Antho. 246; Edw. 246. 

Kinsey, Richard 236. 

Kirbye, Thos. 232. 

Kogan, Harbor 235. 

Knight, Geo. 252 ; John 251 ; Mary 231 ; 

Peter 241; Richard 244; Robt. 250; 

Tho. 231; Wm. 250. 
Knipe, Bartha. 234. 
Knott, James 238. 
Knowells, Henry 246. 
Knowles, Wm. 253. 

Lake, Geo. 236, 237; Gilbert 241. 

Lamb, Wm. 236. 

Lambert, Thos. 247. 

Landman, John 237. 

Lands, Kat. 245. 

Landwood, Ja. 231. 

Laroch, Step. 252. 

Lasher, Wm. 240. 

Lathberry, Richard 231. 

Lawrence, Robt. 230; Wm. 243. 

Lawson, Apha. 229; Christo. 250; Epha. 

230, 245, 251; Xpher. 229. 
Lawyer, Jos. 249. 
Layne, John 250; Robt. 246. 
Lee, Chas. 256; Geo. 252; Mathew 252, 

Richard 230, 231, 237, 252; Tho. 

Leigh, John 241; Lethe 230; Tho. 245. 
Lemon, Wm. 247. 
Lennon, Wm. 241. 
Lethermore, Elinor, Thos., Wm. 232. 
Lett, Matthew 233. 
Letts, Eliza. 246. 
Leur, Wm. 241. 
Levet, Lancaster 243. 
Levitt, Lancaster 238. 
Lewin, John 229; Tho. 229. 
Lewis, Edw. 258; Jno. 241, 244, 256; 

Katherin 232; Tho. 239. 
Light, Jeo. 252. 
Linch, John 245. 
Lippet, Wm. 255. 
Litler, Richard 245. 
Little, John 245. 
Lluellin, Danl. 240, 242. 
Lloyd, John 230. 
Loftis, Wm. 239. 
Long, Wm. 251. 
Longworth, John 259. 
Lord, John 258. 
Lorymore, Thos. 238. 
Louder, James 250. 
Lowe, Mary 246. 
Lownee, Henry 232. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Lowrey, Elinor 253; Ema, 253. 

Loyd, Cornelius 241, 245, 246; Owen 

253; Richard 245. 
Lucas, Tho. 236, 237, 242, 246, 247; 

Wm. 243. 
Lucus, Tho. 252. 
Ludlowe, Geo. 236, 239, 251. 
Ludwell, Tho. 240, 252. 
Lunn, Christo. 254. 
Lupo, Albiano 232. 
Lustcomb, Thos. 241. 
Luther, Tho. 233. 
Lyell, Daniell 251. 
Lylls, Martha 241. 
Lylly, John 253. 
Lynard, Roger 236. 
Lyne, John 252. 
Lynson, Antho. 217. 


Mackreall, Jno. 246. 

Major, Edw. 231, 235, 241, 245, 252; 

Eliza 245; Fra. 245; John 244, 

245; Richard 241, 252, 253; Tho. 

245 (Also spelt MAIOR). 
Maldin, Francis 230, 243, 249, 251. 
Malam, Eliza 247. 
Mallam, Geo. 234. 
Mallard, Tho. 236. 
Mallen, Geo. 237. 
Maley, Daniel 243. 
Manchest, John 232. 
Mansell, David 224, 236. 
Many, Wm. 248. 
Marchlam, Tho. 247. 
Mardar, Thos. 257. 
Margrane, Ad. 250. 
Marken, Patience 237. 
Markes, Richard 239. 
Marriott, Henry 240. 
Marrow, Geo. 245. 
Marsh, Arthur 256; Francis 230; John 

230; Lewis 230; Thos. 248, 253. 
Martiall, Jno. 253, 
Martin, Francis 245; John 238; Mary 

252; Mathew 256; Phillip 246; 

Robt. 246; Thos. 257, Wm. 240. 
Masfeild, Richard 250. 
Mason, Edw. 254; Francis 241; Geo. 

258; Henry 242; James 247, 251, 

253; Tho. 236; Wm. 240. 
Mastert, Michaell. 
Matteram, Jo. 236. 
Mathewes, Edm. 242; James 255; Jacob 

244; Jno. 250, 254; Saml. 242; 

Tho. 243. 

Maudor, Randall 248. 

Maulden, Francis 235. 

May, Wm. 237. 

Maydley, Peter 232. 

Mayer, Edw. 238. 

Mayne, Samll. 246. 

Maysters, Michaell 233. 

Meares, Thos. 253. 

Medcalfe, Jeffery 232; Xpher. 250. 

Meland, Mary 244. 

Melton, Michael 257. 

Menefie, Geo. 235, 239, 243. 

Menefye, Geo. 236. 

Mercer, Richard 230. 

Merifeild, Abra. 246. 

Merror, Nicho. 252. 

Merryman, James 244. 

Merter, Barradine 245. 

Metalph, Richard 259- 

Michaell, Edwd. 246; Richard 239. 

Middleton, Catherine 239; Mary 231; 

Owen 241. 
Miles, John 239; Robt. 251; Thos. 246, 

Millacha, Ja. 253. 
Mills, Wm. 229; Wm. 247. 
Milton, Richard 240. 
Minners, Geo. 241. 
Milnes, Wm. 250, 251. 
Minor, John 258. 
Mission, Jno. 239. 
Monser, John 250. 
Montague, Peter 241, 248, 250. 
Moone, John 244. 
Moor, Jno. 232. 
Moore, Ann 229; Abdala 235; John 

241; Joseph 229; Richd. 242; Tho. 

More, Doro. 248; James 257; Nath. 

252; Wm. 248. 
Morely, Fr. 248. 
Morgan, Fra. 246 ; Henry 241 ; Richard 

247; Wm. 233. 
Morgin, Tho. 233. 
Morgrave, Morcas 252. 
Morrey, Thos. 241. 
Morrice, James 232. 
Morris, Edw. 245 ; Evan 246. 
Morrison, Henry 241 ; Richard 247, 248. 
Mosse, Francis 238. 
Motheshead, Jonathan 259. 
Motts, John 255, 256. 
Moulton, Tho. 259. 
Mounford, Tho. 243. 
Mountague, Peter 239. 
Moye, Alice 245. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Mozely, Wra, 259. 
Muckford, Jno. 250. 
Murfrey, Edwd. 229. 
Munck, John 250. 
Musquoy, Jno. 250. 
Mutton, Mary 251. 


Neal, Christo. 255. 

Neale, John 244. 

Nelmes, Richard 258. 

Nerve, John 239. 

Nevett, Richard 257. 

Newton, Fra. 252; John 252; Ph. 247. 

Newman, Alex. 255; John 229, 241, 

251; Robt. 233. 
Nicholas, Henry 233; Wm. 241. 
Nichols, Andrew 253; Eliz. 253; John 

254; Saml. 239; Sands 253 Wm. 

Nigent Robert 244. 
Night, Robt. 250. 
Nitingale, Eliza 229. 
Norrell, Peeter 250. 
Norris, Tho. 241. 
Norsworthy, Tristrum 234. 
Northon, Toby 244. 
Norton, John 248; Margarett 244; 

Xpher 241. 
Norts, Ma. 248. 

Noseworthy, Tristrum 229, 231. 
Nowell, Peeter 244. 
Nuse, Wm. 250. 
Nusum, Wm. 240. 
Nuthall, Eliza. 223, John 233. 

Oldham, James 257; Richard 257. 
Oldis, Thos. 240, 247. 
Oliver, Edw. 251; John 250. 
Orchard, James 255. 
Orde, Margaret 246. 
Osborne, Jenkins 249; Mary 249. 
Owen, John 254, 258; Thos. 248. 
Oxon, Richard 239. 

Page, Richard 241 ; Tho. 232. 

Palmer, John 257; Wm. 240. 

Pancell, Edw. 246. 

Parsons, Katherin 239. 

Partin, Avis, Debora, Margaret, Rebecca 

245; Robt. 240, 242, 245. 
Parchmore, Peter 252. 
Parify, Lucy 249. 

Parish, Edw. 249. 

Parker, John 233; Richd. 234, 241, 242; 

Thos. 241, 245, 249; Wm. 230. 
Parkes, John 229. 
Parks, Thos. 244. 
Parrit, James 245. 
Parry, Wm. 250. 
Parthurst, Antho. 247. 
Patrick, Leo. 236; Seath 241. 
Paul, Pat. 250; Thos. 242. 
Pavery, Jane 258. 
Pavy, Wm. 247. 
Paynes, Florentine 250. 
Peacock, Tho. 242. 
Peagler, John 244. 
Peale, Francis 235; Malashy 255. 
Peale, Malach 259. 
Peat, John 253. 
Pearson, Mary 236. 
Peck, Robt. 255, 259. 
Pedendan, Henry 245, 246; Mary 239. 
Peeters, Lawr. 240, 241. 
Peikins, John 249. 
Peirce, Chr. 245 ; Mary 243 ; Wm. 236, 

Pelard, James 246. 
Pence, Wm. 259. 
Penne, Richd. 250. 
Peppett, Gilbert 235. 
Perin, James 240. 
Permeter, John 252. 
Persons, Henry 250. 
Pettid, Tho. 235. 
Pettock, Leonard 244. 
Petts, Matthew 238. 
Pettibon, Richd. 251. 
Petus, Thos. 234. 
Pettus, Thos. 237. 
Perry, Ann 230. 
Pewis, Thos. 258. 
Phillips, Dav. 250; Ellinor 234, 235; 

John 234; Robt. 246; Wm. 250. 
Philpot, Richd. 251; Thos. 255. 
Pierce, Peter 249; Wm. 250. 
Pilkington, Wm. 234. 
Pillary, Jasper 251. 
Pinkars, John 257. 
Pirkins, Jane 251. 
Pitt, Robt. 246. 
Plaice, John 232. 
Piatt, Edw. 255. 
Plumer, Thos. 234. 
Polden, Richd. 236. 
Ponson, Tos. 248. 
Poole, David 249; Robt. 235; Thos. 

232, 239, 240. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Poorey, Ann 251. 

Pope, James 256; Tho. 252. 

Popeley, Richd. 236, 242. 

Porter, Robert 247 ; Thos. 254. 

Potter, Eliza. 231; Elizabeth 246. 

Pott, John 246. 

Potts, Francis 236. 

Povey, John 229. 

Powell, Anne 232; Jeo. 240, 253; James 

243; John 246, 231, 235, 255; 

Madelen 240; Rati. 233; Wm. 240. 
Poyter, Wm. 240. 
Poythres, Francis 249. 
Praise, Wm. 229. 
Praiser, Robt. 250. 
Prendergast, Phillip 243. 
Prescott, Edw. 259. 
Presley, Peter 258. 
Preston, John 251; Richard 237. 
Price, Geo. 245; Henry 250; Jno. 246; 

Meredith 258; Robt. 241; Tho. 

240; Walter 250. ,jVj£. X'ia, 
Prichard, Alice 241. 
Prince, Edw. 241, 251. 
Prijo, Jam 232. 
Proby, Geo. 245. 
Proper, Tho. 229. 
Pugly, Wm. 250. 
Purchurst, Anthon. 248. 
Purdie, Richard 236. 
Pyll, Eliza. 243. 


Radford, John 245, 247; Thos. 247. 

Rainhard, Nicho. 242. - 

Randal, Jonathan. 2-3 O 

Rankins, Tho. 240. 

Ransome, Peter 232. 

Rattam, Thos. 248. 

Raven, Peter 241. 

Rawlins, John 229. 

Read, John 237; Samuel 259; Wm. 241. 

Reade, Geo. 251. 

Readwood, John 229. 

Rede, Robt. 233. 

Reds, Elizabeth 252. 

Redwood, James 246. 

Reed, Samuel 258. 

Reere, Thos. 241. 

Reeves, Jone 229. 

Rendrick, Edwd. 229. 

Resperry, John 247. 

Rey, Peter 235. 

Reynolds, Alex. 246; Wm. 246. 

Rice, Francis 248. 

Richard, Tho. 237. 

Richards, Ann 242; Eliza. 244; John 

233, 246; Richard 252. 
Richardson, Adam 252; Mary 253; Peter 

Richinson, John 251. 
Ricraft, Silvanas 252. 
Rider, Wm. 239. 
Ridford, John 241. 
Ridges, Richard 252. 
Ridley, Thomas 245. 
Roberts, John 232; Wm. 252. 
Robins, John 235, 251. 
Robbins, John 248; Edw. 242; Eliz. 

242; Obedience 245; Ratchell 242. 
Robinson, Ann 231; Step. 247; Thos. 

258; Symon 252. 
Rockwell, Robt. 234. 
Rocke, Fra. 242. 
Rode, John 232. 
Rodis, John 244. 
Roe, Nicho. 233. 
Rogers, Nicho. 233, 244; Phil. 250; 

Wm. 256. 
Rolles, Wm. 229. 
Rosse, John 255. 
Rosyer, John 238. 
Roulston, Mr. 249. 
Rovely, Jason 250. 
Rowe, John 242. 
Rowland, Thos. 257. 
Royall, Joseph 233. 
Royser, John 238. 
Russell, Joane 235; Richd. 252, 258; 

Wm. 251. 
Ryalls, Joseph 242. 
Rythe, Chr. 232. 
Rytherland, Rich. 250. 

Sabbrell, Nicho. 242. 

Sabin, Thos. 252. 

Saiferne, James 248. 

Saund, John 229. 

Salford, John 235. 

Salisbury, Robt. 238; Thos. 256. 

Salsberry, Tho. 241. 

Salsbury, George 246. 

Salvadge, John 242. 

Sams, James 229. 

Samuell, Edwd. 229. 

Sanders, Dr. 256; Ebenezer 256; Philip 

258; Thos. 241,; Richard 230. 
Sandis, Geo. 243. 
Sands, Mary 248. 
Sapher, Geo. 245. 
Satums, Robt. 246. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Saunders, Edw. 258; Phil. 259. 

Savadge, Wm. 251. 

Savedge, Thos. 246. 

Sawyer, Thos. 232. 

Sax, Bassett 239. 

Saye, John 245. 

Saysill, 232. 

Saynes, John 249. 

Seane, Ralph 252. 

Seanoble, John 246. 

Seaverne, Bridgett 246; Jno. 246. 

Seawell, Thos. 240, 247. 

Sebright, Solo. 238. 

Senier, John 235. 

Session, Judeth 233. 

Severne, John 231. 

Severne, John Jr. 246. 

Seward, John 245. 

Sexeston, Nicho. 258. 

Scarborough, Chas. 248. 

Scarbrough, Edmond 244. 

Scott, Samuell 242. 

Scowen, Humph. 235, 239. 

Scownes, Humph. 248. 

Scuefield, Nicho. 233. 

Scull, John 235. 

Shandall, Antho. 242. 

Shapleigh, Phillip 258. 

Sharp, Wm. 233. 

Shaw, John 257, 259. 

Shearman, Abra. 245. 

Shepard, John 232, 236, 237. 

Sheppard, Richd. 231. 

Sheppye, Thos. 232. 

Sherbutt, Geo. 234. 

Sheriffs, Tho. 253. 

Sherwood, Humph. 250. 

Shipcot. Thos. 237. 

Shipp, Wm. 249. 

Short, Henry 229. 

Showning, Geo. 243. 

Shrimpton, Wm. 238. 

Sibsey, John 253. 

Sidney, John 243. 

Sillingat, Dorothy 246. 

Silvester, Nicho. 259. 

Simpson, John 258. 

Slaughter, John 248. 

Sleeve, Ellin 251. 

Smalecomb, Tho. 248. 

Smart, Thos. 248; Wm. 245. 

Smythwood, Robt. 241. 

Smith, Eliza. 247; Elizabeth 259; Geo. 
238, 248, 259; Hester 233; James 
24*>; Jo. 245; John 233, 246; 
Nicho. 234, 241; Phil 252; Richd. 

231, 233, 236, 243, 246; Symon 
238; Toby 230, 237, 249; Uryas 
246; Wm. 234, 241, 258, 259. 

Snape, Jane 251. 

Snayle, Hen. 247. 

Soaper, Jno. 240. 

Soopson, Tho. 250. 

Sorrell, John 241; Robt. 241. 

Sorwell, Eliza. 229; Wm. 229. 

Southerne, Edw. 244. 

Spatch, Edw. 236. 

Spence, Alexr. 258; Patrick 258; Wm. 

Spencer, 237; Nich. 254; Wm. 236. 

Spicer, Edw. 253. 

Spilman, Tho. 232. 

Spiltimber, Goodman 251. 

Spincke, Tho. 240. 

Spittlewood, Sarah 239. 

Spraggon, Radulph 230. 

Spry, Wm. 246. 

Sprye, Olliver 231, 241. 

Srovell, Sarah 250. 

Stafford, Francis 239; Thos. 259. 

Stainoe, Thos. 229. 

Stalls, John 229. 

Stamp, Thos. 231, 243. 

Standish, Ja. 246. 

Stanfeild, Lawr. 242. 

Stanley, Wm. 253. 

Stannv, Joan 230. 

Starling, Wm. 245. 

Starnell Richard 245, 247. 

Stegs, Thos. 230. 

Steele, Henry 252. 

Steman, Richard 259. 

Stephens, Garrett 229; Thos. 231, 245; 
Tobias 240; Wm. 246; Wm. 248. 

Stewardson, Alice 244; John 243. 

Stebbs, John 245. 

Stiderick, Robt. 232. 

Stidwell, Tho. 245. 

Stile, Hugh 243. 

Stitborpe, Hen. 252. 

Stockdell, Jane 236. 

Stockman, Mary. 

Stoneham, Henrv. 

Stone, James 244: Wm. 233, 238. 

Stoner, Alexr. 234, 237, 251; John 231. 

Storey, Wm. 235. 

Storie, Wm. 243. 

Story, Dorothy 249; Francis 250; Wm. 
235, 241, 243, 249. 

Stoughton, Ellinor 238; Saml. 238. 

Stout, Thos. 248. 

Strader, Richard 245. 

Cavaliers and Pioneers 


Stratton, Sisley 244. 

Strechey, Edmond 242. 

Stringer, James 247. 

Strishton, Henry 259. 

Stubbs, Danll. 233. 

Sturman, Richard 258. 

Sturrupp, Jno. 242. 

Sybsey, John 253. 

Sydney, John 231. 

Symker, Tho. 247. 

Symonds, Thos. 251. 

Symons, Gama. 252; Symon 247; Thos. 

Symmons, Tho. 231. 

Symson, Thos. 232. 

Swan, Alexr. 254. 

Swann, Richard 236. 

Swayne, Seth. 240. 

Tabb, Humph. 234, 249. 

Tanner, Daniell 232, 250. 

Tarpley, John 256. 

Taylor, Ann 238; Eliz. 229; Ellias 238, 
246; James 231 ; John 245, 250 -.Mar- 
garet 229; Robt. 241; Thos. 233; 
Wm. 246, 250, 229; Xpher 233. 

Tenner, Benja. 229. 

Thamnes, Ralph 229. 

Therwitt, Thos. 257. 

Thomas, John 245, 252; Sym. 250; 
Wm. 251, 249, 257. 

Thomkin, Richd. 245. 

Thompson, Ja. 242 ; Margaret 240 ; 
Richard 252; Steph. 229; Thos. 
238, 243, 259. 

Thornton, Henry 258. 

Thorowgood, Capt. 247. 

Thrallop, Timothy 245. 

Thrickmorton, Robt. 239. 

Throgmorton, Robt. 251. 

Tillet, John 246. 

Tillison, Gideon 245. 

Timons, Thos. 257. 

Todd, Mathew 242; Robt. 239; Thos. 
242, 245, 248. 

Tolson, Jno. 246. 

Towlson, John 240. 

Townsend, Richd. 235. 

Tows, Robt. 229. 

Towson, Tohn 233. 

Traveler. Geo. 248. 

Travill, Tohn 238. 

Trent, John 247. 

Trevannion, Thos. 234. 

Trinlett, Francis 254. 

Tucker, Wm. 235. 

Turberville, John 258. 

Turke, Wm. 245. 

Turner, Geo. 229; Thos. 233. 

Twy, John 250. 

Tyngle, Antho. 250. 

Typladye, Jno. 232. 


Underwood, Jno. 244; Margery 232. 

Upton, John 237, 239. 

Usher, James 232, 233. 

Uti, John 243. 

Uty, John 243, 253. 

Uxer, Mary 244. 

Vaughan, Edw. 229; Francis 229; Geo. 

252; John 229. 
Vaker, Martin 239. 
Vause, Robt. 241. 
Vaus, Thos. 246. 
Vessell, Joyce 233. 
Vicard, Wm. 252. 
Vincent, Henry 258. 
Vynall, Alice 236. 


Waddelow, Nicho. 244. 

Wadlow, Nicho. 244. 

Waddy, Antho. 246. 

Wakeing, Richard 246. 

Walker, Edw. 229. 

Walters, Edmund 237. 

Walker, Peter 235; Jno. 241; Richard 

Wallice, Matt. 237. 
Wallis, Thos. 232, 255. 
Walter, Wm. 246. 
Waltham, John 248. 
Walton, Jno. 237; Chas. 257. 
Wane, John 255. 
Ward, Lawr. 239, 241; Robt. 250; Sam. 

Ware, James 252; Mich. 241. 
Warradine, James 243. 
Warrington, Ralph 258. 
Warren, Tho. 243, 251; Wm. 239. 
Washington, Ed. 259; John 255, 259; 

Lawr. 251, 254, 255. 
Waters, Edw. 234, 239; Eliz. 241; Wm. 

239, 241, 252. 
Wstford, John 253. 
Watkins, Henry 240; John 250, 251, 

253: Tho. 259. 
Watts, Tho. 233, 234, 235. 
Wartkins, Nicho. 236; Phillip 245; 

Tho. 243. 


Cavaliers and Pioneers 

Watson, Arthur 253; Henry 252; John 

230, 251. 
Wattson, Isaac 230. 
Waugh, John 254. 
Way, Geo. 252. 
Wayne, John 252. 
Webb, Edw. 247. 
Webb, Giles 240; Mary 259; Michael 

Webster, Jane, Judith, Lucie, Lucy, 

Roger, Susan 236. 
Weede, Henry 239. 
Weels, Antho. 251. 
Weeles, Antho. 237. 
Welden, Peter 252. 
Wells, Edw. 241; Geo. 232; Steph. 257, 

Tho. 247; Wm. 239. 
Welton, Wm. 242. 
Sest, John 235; Robt. 249. 
Westbery, Richard 236. 
Westerin, Andrew 233. 
Westhead, Peter 245. 
Westerlin, Martin 244. 
Westerlincke, Martin 244. 
Weston, Christo. 250; Philip 246. 
Wetheasbye, Mr. 235. 
Weather, Nich. 245. 
Wetherall, Robt. 248. 
Wetherby, Bartho. 249. 
Wetherell, Robt. 235. 
Wethers, Bartho. 249. 
Wethersby, Bartho. 239. 
Weydon, Humph. 252. 
Weymake, Margaret 242. 
Wheatley, David 239; Wm. 240. 
Wheeler, Richd. 254; Wm. 254. 
Whitby, Wm. 234. 
White, Daniel 257; Geo. 238, 240, 241, 

245; Henry 236, 237; John 230, 

251; Lewis 239; Nath. 229, 247; 

Nicho. 250; Richd. 233, 248; Tho. 

Whitehead, Richard 254. 
Whitehurst, Richard 253. 
Whiting, Ralph 255. 
Whitley, Richard 241. 
Whittington, Susan 244; Wm. 244. 
Wiatt, Geo. 236. 
Wicker, Henry 256. 
Wignall, Alex. 245; Thos. 245. 
Wilch, Ann 241. 

Wilcox, Elinor 238; Michael 240. 
Willcoxe, Michael 238. 
Wilken, Fra. 246. 

Wilkins, John 238, 245; Thos. 230. 
Wilkinson. Mary 252; Richd. 244; Wm. 

230, 240. 

Williams, Ann 248; Edw. 237; Jane 

239; John 233, 234, 236, 241, 244, 

249, 250; Mary 252; Michaell 239; 

Morgan 241; Nicho. 243; Rach. 

243; Richard 243; Robt. 243; 

Sarah 239; Thos. 245, 246, 251, 

256; Xpian 248. 
Williamson, James 259. 
Wilmot, Tho. 252. 
Wilson, Alice 240; Arth. 246; John 

252; Mary 248; Xpian 250. 
Willson, Robt. 250; Thos. 239; Wm. 

Wincill, Robt. 236. 
Windeth, Fickler 233. 
Windmill, Christo. 232. 
Windsor, Antho. 251. 
Wingatt, Roger 246. 
Winn, Hugh 243. 
Winston, Samuel 259. 
Woldridge, John 242. 
Wolfe, Richard 242. 
Wolly, Wm. 247. 
Wombwell, Thos. 250. 
Workman, Richd. 246. 
Worleich, Wm. 234. 
Wormeley, Esq. 255. 
Woster, Richard 232. 
Wotter, Eliz. 229. 
Wood, Edw. 240, 247 ; John 248 ; Peter 

Woodhouse, Tho. 229, 251, 253. 
Woodliffe, Capt. 232. 
Woodruff e, Robt. 245. 
Woodward, Dorothy 244. 
Woolman, Richard 248. 
Wooton, Richard. 
Woolfe, Geo. 233. 
Wright, Ann 254; Francis 255; Jno. 

241; Richd. 254; Robt. 258; Thos. 

241, 247; Wm. 241, 244. 
Wyatt, Francis 251; Geo. 236, 237; 

Richard 252. 
Wynn, Garrett 241; Hugh 243. 
Wywell, 239. 

Yardley, Francis 253. 
Yarner, Ann 246. 
Yarrett, Wm. 243. 
Yates, John 233; Mary 231. 
Yealke, Tho. 236. 
Yeatters, Wm. 259. 
Yenny, Robt. 229. 
Young, Antho. 250; Dilly 231; Richd. 

237; Step. 244. 


333.3N894CA C 0D1 


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